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“Why Does My Snapchat Name Even Matter?”

Lets face it, in today’s day and age, most socializing is done by texting and Snapchatting. Most of us keep up to date with our friends this way, especially when we don’t see each other face-to-face through out our daily routine. That’s why it’s important to learn how to make a Snapchat Name for Guys Who Are Cooler than Cool. Every one that you want to be friends with will see it, that means that a lot is riding on it!


Because of that fact, your Snapchat handle, or name, is usually your first impression that you make whenever you send someone a snap, or add them as a friend. This, coupled with your Bitmoji, will determine what your old, and new potential friends will see when they want to snap you. mspy apk

“How Can I Let People Know That I’m Cooler Than Cool With A Snapchat Name?”

It’s simple, Create your unique Snapchat name using some of the building blocks listed below. By putting your personal pizzaz on the name (Personalize the name with your sports number, the year, or part of your name. That way, people will have an idea of who you are, and what you are all about, before they even open your snap!) Follow these instructions, and you will have a popular and cool name for Snapchat!

Ideas for A Snapchat Name for Guys Who Are Cooler than Cool

Full Billionaire YUNGPOPPY TooTallNate HERO Hashtag Hustle NBA KendrickLamar
AlabamaBoss WillFerrell CodeGangsta Protein Punch JayCole HitStick Taco
JACKASSTV TUBE Pranksters SickDancers ShawnMcCool DaneCook KevinHart
MachineGunKelly PewDiePieMoments Saucier Villan Exquisite Charming Strength

Looking for Cute or Funny Snapchat Name Ideas? Try combining two or more different words together to make an extra awesome name! You will be better off the more you can make the Snapchat username ideas reflect your cool, unique personality. It will result in having a better chance to make a good first impression on your friends!

  • WEIRDVidz
  • SnoopDogg
  • No Boss
  • FilthyDrops
  • TrapNation
  • MeekMill
  • MTV
  • TrapNation
  • BatDad

Your name will be distinctly memorable and make a lasting impression on your friends. Most importantly, it will make your Snapchat name Cooler than Cool! Try to think of how to put a personal touch on your name, and you will get even more bonus points for creativity! It is important to have a proper Snapchat name that shows your personality, and of course, how interesting you are! In recap, in order to make a Snapchat Name for Guys Who Are Cooler than Cool, you must:

  • Choose popular and influential phrases
  • Be certain to personalize it, so that it shows your awesome personality
  • Put words together that will show your friends what you want to be known as
  • If you plan on showing a certain type of content on your Snapchat, (Example: tutorials, comedy, parties) then it would be a good idea to reveal that in your Snap name.

By following these tips and hints, you will have the foundation necessary to imagine a cool, unique Snapchat handle. The right Snap handle, coupled with a cool Bitmoji, will definitely result in getting more friends to Snapchat with!

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Hi-Tech Amazon Prime Cell Phone: How To Remove Ads From The BLU R1 HD

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

Amazon’s New BLU R1 HD: A solid deal, but with a twist

Amazon has just released their new call phone, the BLU R1 HD. Although this device is fairly new on the market, it has had resounding success because of its great value for the price. This phone comes complete with the power to run the applications that you want, at a price point that anyone can afford. The phone has many good qualities about it, however, the deal is to be purchased at a different price than usual. This phone is unique: it displays advertisements on the startup screen! No need to worry, however, it is a simple fix to remove ads from BLU R1 HD.

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

The BLU R1 HD: Getting more than bargained for

As popular as it is, there is a catch to the very affordable price. Although the cell phone will only set you back $60, it comes at a surprising cost. Amazon makes it so that advertisements appear on the home screen when you swipe into your phone. The ads that are displayed are shown to be tasteful, to the point where they are not blatantly colored or eye catching. This minor nuisance isn’t a colossal deal breaker for the device, as it has other very redeeming qualities, especially at its low price point. It’s 5.0 inch curved HD screen makes all media on your phone burst with vivid colors and cutting edge graphics quality. The Blu R1 comes with 16 GB of internal memory, giving its user ample space for apps and media. The MediaTek processor built in will handle the workload of tons of tabs and multiple applications with ease. The widely known fact is that this phone has a solid construction, and feels very well made in the hand while using it. If you plan on bringing along extra batteries, it might be worth knowing that this phone has a non-replacable battery built in. This will still allow the phone to be charged regularly through a wall outlet or USB cord, or by external battery, if on the go. Next we will discuss how to remove ads from BLU R1 HD.

Next Generation 3D Fighting Game 13 Souls app for Android/iOS will work on this device!

That doesn’t mean however, that you’re stuck with these ads if you buy the phone. With a little bit of technical know how, you will be able to enjoy this affordable phone without the nuisance of having to see any unnecessary ads.

In order to make all of your devices completely advertisement free, visit our link to see the difference between Ad Block and Ad Block Plus plugins.

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

By simply following a few steps, you can work around the advertisements that will automatically pop up as your device opens. This will allow you greater functionality on your phone, without the hassle of seeing the ads constantly. The phone is already a great deal for the smartphone enthusiast on a budget, but being able to remove the pesky ads truly puts the cherry on top.


Blu R1 HD, the Amazon Prime cell device. Permitting an affordable price yet boasting a high dollar feel, this cell phone is one of the top sellers at this time in the market. This is because of good reasons as well! The device is powerful as well as sleekly designed. The only nuisance is that the Blu R1 comes with ads for Amazon’s Prime services. However, using this simple method, you can remove the troubles and be free to use your device as you please, ad free!


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How i Want To Mobile Number Trace Tracker With Name And Address


Mobile number tracing or tracking are now become one of the essential and most useful things in our daily life. As the number of wrong callers or fraud callers are increasing day by day there is also a need for prevention of this thing. So that people can easily track and locate the fraud callers and get to know about the details regarding them. So in our modern society we need all the things possible to prevent these kind of wrong or fraud callers. Some of the most used and trusted sourced for get rid of these kinds of problems are True caller , Trace Phone Number, Mobile Tracker.

True caller is one of the most trusted and used and well known application for searching details of caller id like

location, name, email address etc. On the other hand there are websites also where you can online search for caller id information. TRACE PHONE NUMBER and MOBILE TRACKER are the websites that can be used for getting the details of callers id online.


  • Get details of millions of people.
  • Shows the most possible accurate name.
  • Shows the pictures of the profiles.
  • Shows email accounts also.
  • Shows locations.
  • You can also block the caller or mark him as spam.
  • Easy to use.
  • Also shows the network provider details which the number holder is using.

These all are just the basic features of the app and websites but you can also see the Facebook accounts details. Blocking the caller is another positive feature of this source specially in true caller, you can block callers and also mark them as spam so that more people will aware about the spam contact. These all are the best sources pf getting information of unknown callers.These all are just simple, smart, easy, quick and  accurate information sources. you can also modified your device with best and latest launcher of  tsf launcher prime pro apk free download on your device then trace location.


  • For true caller, the download procedure is very easy, if you are a android user than you just go to the play store of your android smartphone and search for true caller app and install it.
  • After the installation done you will be asked to fill some details about yourself like your mobile number and your name and email address or you can also set a profile picture of your true caller account.
  • If you are using an apple iOS device than you can do the same with using the apple app store.
  • Talking about the websites, so there is no installation things you just need to go to the website and write the number you want to search there.
  • Than details of that number will be displayed or may be few details shown and you will be asked to enter your google or Facebook account for complete information. nomao camera app is best app for android and iphone you can download and install it for free.

Mobile Number Tracker With Name And Address in India Online

Mobile Number Locator With Name and Address

Trace Mobile Number Current Location With Address

Trace Mobile Number With Owner Name and Address


So all these sources are trusted and most used sources for getting details of any of the unwanted or unknown or fraud callers and these are really very helpful in finding the details of the caller. So download the application or use the websites both are good options but i think true caller is a little better than the websites as it shows the profile picture also. So install the app and get rid of unwanted or fraud caller ids.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8, 2017 | FlagShip Phones Battle Major Changes

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8, 2017 | FlagShip Phones Battle

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8: A debate which always resurfaces all tech minds is always left unanswered if they are talking about two flagship phones which bear the logo of Samsung and Apple. Samsung and Apple leave no stone unturned as the flagship phone war is going to begin once again 2018 as the release date of S8 and iPhone 8 comes closer and closer, but the question is that which one of them is actually better? Let’s take a look at the specifications which they’ll offer and try to find an answer.

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Comparing: iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Whenever a customer steps foot in a mobile phone shop, the first thing which attracts the customer is the design of the phone, the coating of the phone which gives it the sexy look. Both of these phones, according to us on par when it comes to design, so talking about the coating, Samsung Galaxy S8 has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 guarding its 5.7inch screen whereas 5.5/5.7inch screen of iPhone 8 is specialised by its Curved OLED display. iPhone 8 will support iOS 11. after that install sony liv premium apk on samsung and iphone device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 supports Android N, two operating systems who have their own advantages and disadvantages. Samsung is going to implement new AMOLED display in upcoming Galaxy S8 which will be much stylish with the removal of home buttons. It’s going to be a slimmer smartphone with powerful specifications.

download Geometry Dash 2.1 Apk on your device and enjoy geometry dash game for free.


Whereas there is nothing much to say about iPhone, early rumours suggest that Apple can use OLED display this year.

Talking about performance, we’ll notice that Samsung Galaxy S8 has a huge RAM figure of 8GB compared to rumoured 3-4GB RAM of iPhone 8. S8 offers rear camera of 12MP and a front camera of 8MP, comparatively, iPhone 8 offers a primary camera of 12MP and a secondary camera of 8MP. S8 and iPhone 8, both of them have various phone models with difference in their internal memory space, though, iPhone 8 does not offer secondary storage space to its users.

What we think: Determining the better one among flagship phones is always a tough task but you have specifications listed above, you have gone through them, now choose a phone which satisfies your needs and you are good to go, purchase any of them. Both of them are top notch products. We will update you more in coming months. So, do bookmark this Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8  page or join out the facebook page to get exclusive news. If you have any queries, feel free to ask them in comments, we’ll try to answer them asap.

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