Betterment Makes You Rich On Your Smartphone!



Have you ever wanted to get rich while relaxing? That luxury is no longer reserved for only the ultra rich like Warren Buffet! Betterment is a great app because of how user friendly it makes the process of investing and watch your money grow. By simply installing Betterment on your device and setting some money aside in the account, you will begin to make your money work for you! The mobile application makes investing into stocks and bonds very simple and straightforward.


How does Betterment Work?

Of course, Betterment doesn’t manage your money for free, they would go out of business if that were the case! What makes this app get the Updatepal mark of approval, is how low the service fees are. 0.25% is the annual fee that Betterment charges for managing your investment funds.

This means that if you have $100 in the app, each year they will charge you a measly 25 cents. The value that you get for the fee is invaluable, however. Free phone support is included, so if you are starting out investing, and have questions about how the application works, there will always be someone there to walk you through the process.


User Friendly Application

The ease of using the application is the next great point! Before this application hit everyone’s phone, investing used to be rather complicated for all except the most veteran investors. Mobile technology has advanced to make this process much more straightforward and accessible to everyone who wants to watch their money grow, so long as they have a smartphone.

Betterment gets a thumbs up because of how simple, yet user friendly and effective the design is. If you are just beginning to get into investing, this is the best way to dip your toe in the water, and learn as you begin to use real money and see how the markets work.

The free android and iOS app takes the uncertainty of hand picking individual stocks or securities, and sets your money aside into mutual funds instead. This way, your investment portfolio is automatically diversified, meaning that you are risking less by investing into mutual funds, rather than individual companies. The old saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!


Freedom to Choose

The application does give you the freedom to decide what percentage of your portfolio goes into which variety of security, however. You can decide to put 90% of your funds into stocks and 10% into bonds for a higher risk portfolio, or do the opposite, and take on less risk, with a portfolio of 70% bonds and 30% stocks, for example. The liberty to decide how to diversify your portfolio is another great perk of the Betterment application.



Premium Betterment Accounts

It is possible to expand the investments that you can make with the Betterment application by upgrading your account to premium. The extra perks that you get are access to 401k accounts and Roth IRA accounts, in addition to some other alternative investments as well.

While these features are nice, it comes at the cost of a 0.40% annual fee, compared to the normal account annual fee of 0.25%. For those who are just getting into investing, the normal account will work just fine for learning and getting the hang of things.


The Verdict

Jon Stein’s Betterment mobile app is great for both investing beginners and veterans alike. This is because of the very low fees that Betterment charges, in conjunction with the value and user friendly design that the application has. It is hands down the easiest way to invest and watch your money grow, all just by relaxing and checking your phone! For more investing information, check out, which hosts quality information on a wide variety of investing topics.


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How To Update Your System To Windows 10 For Free

Are you interested in being able to update your system to Windows 10 for free? Even though Microsoft’s special promotion offering the OS to the general public has passed, it is still available to individuals that use the assistive technologies that are featured in the latest operating system. The Magnifier tool, keyboard shortcuts, and fewer onscreen animations are all cited as reasons that you may qualify for the free upgrade, according to Microsoft.

Visit the Windows 10 assistive technologies upgrade page

Follow the link to visit Microsoft’s upgrade page for users that need the features that windows assistive technologies provide.

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

It is worth noting that by going through with the upgrade, you are telling Microsoft that you use assistive technologies. However, their definition of what qualifies a user as needing to use the extra software, is pretty lax. Therefore, most of the general public can technically qualify for this upgrade. Past this first mention before clicking the upgrade button, Microsoft doesn’t ask for verification that the user is truly using the upgrade for assistive technologies.

windows 10 download

Installing your new Windows 10 update

The process of being able to update your system to windows 10 for free is very straightforward, as long as your computer is moderately new, you should have no problem with hardware compatibility with this update. The Windows 10 operating system update can also potentially make your system run faster, as a result of fewer animations associated with the assistive technologies included with this new OS.

If for whatever reason you do not prefer the new update to Windows 10, you can always revert to your previous version, by simply following the directions at the following article:

Revert From Windows 10 Upgrade to Old Version

Keep in mind, Microsoft will let you reverse the upgrade for a total of 31 days. You are stuck with Cortana and Windows 10 after the 31 day period is up.


These are the simple instructions for how to update your system to windows 10 for free. For more technology updates, see our latest posts at


Snapchat Names for Guys Who Are Cooler than Cool |

“Why Does My Snapchat Name Even Matter?”

Lets face it, in today’s day and age, most socializing is done by texting and Snapchatting. Most of us keep up to date with our friends this way, especially when we don’t see each other face-to-face through out our daily routine. That’s why it’s important to learn how to make a Snapchat Name for Guys Who Are Cooler than Cool. Every one that you want to be friends with will see it, that means that a lot is riding on it!


Because of that fact, your Snapchat handle, or name, is usually your first impression that you make whenever you send someone a snap, or add them as a friend. This, coupled with your Bitmoji, will determine what your old, and new potential friends will see when they want to snap you. mspy apk

“How Can I Let People Know That I’m Cooler Than Cool With A Snapchat Name?”

It’s simple, Create your unique Snapchat name using some of the building blocks listed below. By putting your personal pizzaz on the name (Personalize the name with your sports number, the year, or part of your name. That way, people will have an idea of who you are, and what you are all about, before they even open your snap!) Follow these instructions, and you will have a popular and cool name for Snapchat!

Ideas for A Snapchat Name for Guys Who Are Cooler than Cool

Full Billionaire YUNGPOPPY TooTallNate HERO Hashtag Hustle NBA KendrickLamar
AlabamaBoss WillFerrell CodeGangsta Protein Punch JayCole HitStick Taco
JACKASSTV TUBE Pranksters SickDancers ShawnMcCool DaneCook KevinHart
MachineGunKelly PewDiePieMoments Saucier Villan Exquisite Charming Strength

Looking for Cute or Funny Snapchat Name Ideas? Try combining two or more different words together to make an extra awesome name! You will be better off the more you can make the Snapchat username ideas reflect your cool, unique personality. It will result in having a better chance to make a good first impression on your friends!

  • WEIRDVidz
  • SnoopDogg
  • No Boss
  • FilthyDrops
  • TrapNation
  • MeekMill
  • MTV
  • TrapNation
  • BatDad

Your name will be distinctly memorable and make a lasting impression on your friends. Most importantly, it will make your Snapchat name Cooler than Cool! Try to think of how to put a personal touch on your name, and you will get even more bonus points for creativity! It is important to have a proper Snapchat name that shows your personality, and of course, how interesting you are! In recap, in order to make a Snapchat Name for Guys Who Are Cooler than Cool, you must:

  • Choose popular and influential phrases
  • Be certain to personalize it, so that it shows your awesome personality
  • Put words together that will show your friends what you want to be known as
  • If you plan on showing a certain type of content on your Snapchat, (Example: tutorials, comedy, parties) then it would be a good idea to reveal that in your Snap name.

By following these tips and hints, you will have the foundation necessary to imagine a cool, unique Snapchat handle. The right Snap handle, coupled with a cool Bitmoji, will definitely result in getting more friends to Snapchat with!

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Hi-Tech Amazon Prime Cell Phone: How To Remove Ads From The BLU R1 HD

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

Amazon’s New BLU R1 HD: A solid deal, but with a twist

Amazon has just released their new call phone, the BLU R1 HD. Although this device is fairly new on the market, it has had resounding success because of its great value for the price. This phone comes complete with the power to run the applications that you want, at a price point that anyone can afford. The phone has many good qualities about it, however, the deal is to be purchased at a different price than usual. This phone is unique: it displays advertisements on the startup screen! No need to worry, however, it is a simple fix to remove ads from BLU R1 HD.

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

The BLU R1 HD: Getting more than bargained for

As popular as it is, there is a catch to the very affordable price. Although the cell phone will only set you back $60, it comes at a surprising cost. Amazon makes it so that advertisements appear on the home screen when you swipe into your phone. The ads that are displayed are shown to be tasteful, to the point where they are not blatantly colored or eye catching. This minor nuisance isn’t a colossal deal breaker for the device, as it has other very redeeming qualities, especially at its low price point. It’s 5.0 inch curved HD screen makes all media on your phone burst with vivid colors and cutting edge graphics quality. The Blu R1 comes with 16 GB of internal memory, giving its user ample space for apps and media. The MediaTek processor built in will handle the workload of tons of tabs and multiple applications with ease. The widely known fact is that this phone has a solid construction, and feels very well made in the hand while using it. If you plan on bringing along extra batteries, it might be worth knowing that this phone has a non-replacable battery built in. This will still allow the phone to be charged regularly through a wall outlet or USB cord, or by external battery, if on the go. Next we will discuss how to remove ads from BLU R1 HD.

Next Generation 3D Fighting Game 13 Souls app for Android/iOS will work on this device!

That doesn’t mean however, that you’re stuck with these ads if you buy the phone. With a little bit of technical know how, you will be able to enjoy this affordable phone without the nuisance of having to see any unnecessary ads.

In order to make all of your devices completely advertisement free, visit our link to see the difference between Ad Block and Ad Block Plus plugins.

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

By simply following a few steps, you can work around the advertisements that will automatically pop up as your device opens. This will allow you greater functionality on your phone, without the hassle of seeing the ads constantly. The phone is already a great deal for the smartphone enthusiast on a budget, but being able to remove the pesky ads truly puts the cherry on top.


Blu R1 HD, the Amazon Prime cell device. Permitting an affordable price yet boasting a high dollar feel, this cell phone is one of the top sellers at this time in the market. This is because of good reasons as well! The device is powerful as well as sleekly designed. The only nuisance is that the Blu R1 comes with ads for Amazon’s Prime services. However, using this simple method, you can remove the troubles and be free to use your device as you please, ad free!


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How To Download,Use Ace Media Stream App Apk For Mac/Android/iPhone

Are you the kind of person who likes watching movies but due to some reasons or the other you get pissed off? I know it’s so much frustrating at times when you try loading a video and it takes much time before it loads.

Ace Media Stream Apk

Ace Media Stream Apk

Most time i get upset whenever i find myself in this kind of situation. In this article I’m going to recommend a media platform that will allow you play movies and music’s on any torrent trackers.

How To Download,Install and Use Full Version Ace Media Stream App Apk on Mac/iPhone/Android

The application I’m talking about is the Ace media stream app apk. Ace media stream will make u able to stream P2P videos from your android device. Now back to the main course, here in this article I’d be giving the steps to follow in order to download and use ace media stream on Mac and androids. First I’m going to explain how to use Ace media stream

How to use Ace media stream

Ace media is easy to use if only you know how to go about it. Therefore in this article I will tell us how to use the Ace media stream application.

  1. First and foremost, you need to have a strong internet connection before using the Ace stream media app.
  2. Open the acestream link and select as default application and after which, you can then start streaming.

Like I said before, I said that Ace media stream application is an entertaining application by which you can watch movies, live videos and series in torrent format.

Note: it’s advisable to use VPN with Ace media stream due to the fact that it plays on torrent format. The reason why I’m recommending the use of VPN is because they have access into different geo-restricted contents. In summary one is safe using VPN. FoxFi Key apk you can crack anyone key pass with this app. download it

Download Ace media stream apk on Android

To download Ace media stream on your android device you need at least android version 4.2 and above. Well there is no cause to worry, just make sure your android is up to date, and follow the guides below to download Ace media stream app apk for android.

Step 1:  open Google play store on your android device and search for Ace media stream in the search box.

Step 2: click INSTALL to get the application download on your android device

Step 3: open the app and start to stream videos online.

Download Ace media stream on Mac

So you want to watch a football stream using Ace stream, but you’re on a Mac. if you want best launcher for your device then install Leena Desktop UI Pro Launcher apk on your device for free

Sure, you can install a Virtual Machine, or boot camp, or some other thing. But that means infecting your Mac with Windows. mspy apk download and use it for trace location on device without any cost.

Instead, try using Soda Player. Here’s a quick video tutorial:

And here’s the steps you take. after you can install filmywap apk latest version download for free.

  1. Before you can install Ace media stream on your mac you need to first download Soda Player.
  2. Copy Ace media stream from its link by using command C
  3. After you might have copied Ace media stream then you can now paste by using CTRL-click on soda player to run the app.

There you go! Now you have Acestream running on your Mac you can also send it to your Apple TV or Chromecast by using Airplay.

I hope by now you now know how to download and Use Ace media Stream on Mac and Android with the given steps above. if you want online tc app then install Mobdro TV Apk for free.

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