{Latest} Download Change My Software 10,8.1,8,7 Edition | Free without Survey

Download Change My Software 10 Edition: Hello guys, are you looking to install Windows OS on your Android phone/Tablet..?? Did you ever try or think that before..?? If not then, this guide will help you to install Windows OS on top of your Android device using Change my software 10 edition. The good thing in CMS is, there is no need of any extra work you need to do and the extra money you needs to spend to get Windows OS on your Android Phone. Just follow my below-guided steps, It’s very easy and the installation will not take more than 15 minutes. The below guide will help you to download change my software 10 edition without survey.

If you are using old windows version like 8,8.1 or 7 then Change my software is available for those OS versions as well like Change my software 8.1 edition, Change my software 8 edition and Change my software 7 edition. However, Android is the most popular operating system in the world than iOS. But people are crazy and like to do new things like installing iOS on Android (Of course not Possible) and Windows on Android. Well, let’s see how to install Change my software 10/8.1/8/7 edition with/ without survey in simple and effective steps.  
Change my software 10 edition is a software which will be used to install Windows OS on top of Android mobile/Tablet. You don’t need to uninstall your android OS to get this. You can install both OS at a time using Change my software 10,8.1,8,7 edition… Using this software you can even convert Exe files to apk files as well. How cool right…!!!! Netflix Mod Apk available to get the free Netflix subscription of lifetime
Before Downloading change my software 10 edition and installing windows OS on android device let’s have a look at the technical specifications of CMS 10 Edition.
Download Change My Software Editions from here Download Change My Softwares 10 edition

Technical Specifications of Change my Software 10 Edition

  • Version: 3.2 [Latest]
  • License: Freeware
  • File Size: 12.78 MB
  • Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Requirements: More than 2GB data
  • Platform: ARM (Emulated x86-64)
  • Additional Software: CMS Drivers Updater [optional]

Requirements to work Change My software 10/8.1/8/7 Edition on your Android Device

  • You have to use “Usage ADB” option, There is no Mass storage option available 
  • Must Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android Phone/Tablet
  • Need to Root your Android Device (Own Risk)

You need below things to Install Change My software 10/8.1/8/7 Edition 

  • Greater Than 1GB RAM
  • Minimum of 8 GB Storage
  • One Computer/Laptop/PC
  • One Android Device (Phone Or Tablet)
  • Change My software (Links are available below)
  • One USB Cable
  • Good Speed Internet Connection

Uses of Change My Software 10/8.1/8/7 Edition

Change My software is not only meant for only installing windows OS on top of your Android Device. Using Change my software you can few more things which are mentioned below, Also check Cool Snapchat Names to make your Snapchat account more awesome.

  • You can convert Android APK file to .exe files
  • Convert .exe files to .apk files
  • You can install windows OS on top of Android device
  • You can dual boot the OS, means both windows and android in the same device

Download Change my software 10/8.1/8/7 edition using survey

If you want to download directly Change my software 10 edition then you can do the same from their Official Website or from any third party vendors. But if you follow the direct method to download CMS then you need to do some survey before downloading. The download will start after completing the survey. 

Links to download change my software 10 editions with Survey

Download Change My Software 10 Edition

Download Change My Software 8.1 Edition

Download Change My Software 8 Edition

Download Change My Software 7 Edition

Download Change My Software XP Edition

If you are okay to do surveys and spend enough time on Surveys then you can Download Change my software 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista Edition from the above links… If you don’t want to do survey’s then download from the below links.

Download Change My Software 10 edition without Survey, Latest version

I know the central idea to step into the article is to download change my software edition without survey. Well, here I am providing you with the links to Download Change my software without survey. You don’t need to go to the official website either third party sites. Below links directly will make you download the complete CMS software for free. 


Using Mediafire you can download change my software any edition without survey. Below link has a zip file which will consist of Change my software 8.1, 8, 7 & XP editions altogether. 
Change My Software 8.1,8,7, XP Edition (Zip File)


Go to the website Filespr and type Change My Software + “your edition” in the search box. For example, if you want CMS 10 edition then type “Change My Software 10 edition “. Below is the link to process with filespr.pro 
Download Change My Software 10,8.1,8, 7 Editon

How to install change my software 10/8.1/8/7 edition

Below are the steps to proceed and how to install change my software after downloading it from any of the above methods. 
  • Connect your Android mobile to PC using USB cable 
  • Launch Change my software edition on your PC (you can launch whichever edition you want), I am choosing to change my software 10 edition. 
  • Click on Android–>Windows 10 to install windows on your android device 
  • Click on continue and select your language 
  • Wait for some time to let change my software download happen 
  • Click on Install now on your phone. Note:: Don’t click on remove android button if you want two operating systems at a time 
  • Wait for some time… Windows 10 will install on your phone and it will automatically restart after completing the installation 
  • Select your OS now… Android or windows whichever you want to enjoy.
If you select windows 10 then you will get into the world of windows in your android device… 
So this is how to install Windows OS on your android device… Hope this guide helped a lot to you. 
Let me know in the comment section below if you find any difficulties during the above installation and download process. And do please share this article on social media from the below social share buttons.
We are creating a video on How to download Change my software and installing windows OS on top of the android device. Keep visiting this page, Sooner or later a video will be posted in this article so that viewers will get a clear understanding.
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5 Instagram tools to improve your marketing

With the increase in the use of social media sites and apps, social media has become more than just some platform to connect with friends and families and has now become a great opportunity as well. With the introduction of social media marketing, many platforms are now being used to promote brands and businesses, and they are doing well. Instagram is also one of the top social media marketing sites and is developing many big brands and companies. Marketing on Instagram is very useful, but you still have to take precautions and do it right. Instagram marketing can be enhanced by using specially designed Instagram tools. Here below is a list of 5 tools that will help you improve your Instagram marketing campaign.

Use “A Color Story” to improve your images

As we all know that Instagram is different from many other social media platforms because it is a visual application and our content is pictures only. So, it is crucial to you that in order to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign you need to make sure that you are posting your best pictures in the best way. A Color Story is an Instagram tool that lets you edit your photos for Instagram. It enhances your images and gives them a more professional look. So get this tool to improve your Instagram marketing.

Use “SnapWidget” to embed your Instagram on your website

One of the ways to improve your social media marketing is to promote your social media accounts on other sites and embed them. You can always promote your Instagram on your website or your blog whichever you prefer. For this purpose, there are a few Instagram tools out there. But SnapWidget is an excellent fit. SnapWidget allow you to embed your Instagram stream on your websites in the form of a widget. In this way, your Instagram account get more advertising and your drive audience to your Instagram account through your main website or blog.

Use Iconosquare to improve your account management

It is very important to properly manage your Instagram account in order to achieve good results from your Instagram marketing campaign. Iconosquare is a web based tool that is designed for Instagram management. It makes things easier for you and you can manage and interact easily. It has many interesting features like it will give you all the statistics of your account, it makes viewing easier for you, it helps you manage comments and posts and it also helps you to engage with followers easily.

Use Vibbi to buy more followers for your Instagram

We all know that if we want our social media marketing campaign to do well then we are going to need a lot of audience on it. The more audience you have, the better your campaign will perform. Vibbi is a web and application based Instagram tools that really help you in getting more followers. You can simply buy followers using this app and not just that it also lets you but views and likes. So get Vibbi now and grow yourself on Instagram.

Use Repost to share the content of your niche

Instagram lacks the feature of sharing content direct from other accounts and it is kind of frustrating for some people. Repost is an Instagram tool that lets you share content from any other Instagram account with their Instagram mark on it. Repost can really help you improve your Instagram marketing as well. If you are following Instagram accounts related to your business community you can repost their posts on your account and endorse them. This gives a really nice look of your account, but remember that you should only be re-posting relevant material.

Difference between AdBlock and AdBlock Plus Plugin 2017 Download

Tired of those intruding ads in the middle of the climax? Are popups disturbing you a lot? Do you feel like blocking them up as soon as they start? If your answer is “yes” for all the questions, use Ad Blockers for the same. The annoying ads won’t trouble you any more once you have the software at your disposal. There are basically two versions of AdBlock. The first one is AdBlock and the other one is AdBlock plus. These are the two best ad blockers that have been created so far. Let us know the Difference Adblock vs Adblock Plus:


AdBlock is the subordinate invention of AdBlock plus. It has all its inspiration from its previous version which was equally cool and capacitated.

AdBlock plus

This is the original ad blocker which came first. It was specifically available at fore fox earlier. However, now it is free to be used in all the browsers available. The opens-ounce extension was generated by the community which was interested in a better brewing experience.

The difference between the AdBlock and AdBlock plus

Both the ad blockers are somewhat similar in nature. They share many common features like controlling infected domain, white listing, blacklisting, counters and warnings. Both the versions prompt you for the acceptable ads and block certain ads by default.

However, AdBlock has a cutting edge over AdBlock plus with some additional features. You can click a particular kind of ad with AdBlock and block the element at your sweet will. If the advertiser has not paid AdBlock to ignore the advertisement, the ad gets instantly blocked.


Talking about the usability of both the software, the intitule features and understand ability is present in either of them. There shall be no hassles in installation of any of the versions, and also you get instantly started soon after you install them. Comparing the user-friendliness, AdBlock plus is better in this aspect. It shows a whole lot of pages that have been blocked; Whereas, AdBlock does not convey any such info. Although, average user won’t mind about this, But since we are talking about the differences, so this piece of info has to be included in the article.


Once again, both are incredibly good and block maximum of the unwanted intrusions.  Some of the companies pay AdBlock to white list their ads because of which those popups are inevitable. The flashing banners and the sudden popups are blocked at a wide scale by the exceptional browsers.

Looking into the deeper difference in their performances, AdBlock some what works slower in Firefox and chrome due to some reasons. If you happen to open more tabs, there would be a downturn in its performance. Although there are no concrete evidence about the same, but that’s what the users have reported. On the other hand AdBlock plus copes up better. It works well and performs well directive of the tabs opened. Even when 25 tabs together were opened, there was no downfall in its working. So for me, AdBlock is the showstopper!


It is really tough to choose between the AdBlock and AdBlock plus. There have been a lot improvement done in AdBlock plus because of which there remains a negligible difference between the two. However, you can install both one by one and analyses the performance for making an honest selection.

5 Kind of Gift Card You Can Grab Right Now

Are you one of those frazzled and unnerved people who spend 12 hours of the day searching for the perfect gift for their friends and relatives on festival the same monotonous package of dry fruits every year. Maybe we need to change that now. At some point of time the people who are close to you might feel unappreciated and heedless or at other times your dirty little secret will get out, that those were the dry fruits with the same package that Mr. Sharma gave us. It’s good to show that you love and care for the people who are close to you. Now the internet, online shopping websites even the online banks have come up with the solution that will make you feel less embarrassed and happier. These small cards are called GIFT CARDS.

How often do we scroll the clothing section of Amazon searching for a perfect outfit for your best friend yet discreetly ignoring the gift card option thinking that no one will benefit from it? Our generation is in dire need of these electronic plastic cards. How about instead of telling them “I bought you your favorite set of paints because you used to love painting” you tell them “I e-mailed you a gift card, you can buy anything you love from this card.” Maybe the latter might make them happier. I would like to detail you about the gift cards of five most regularly visited online purchasing stores.

Also check Change My Software 10 Edition to install windows on android


shocked? Very. It’s up to you to decide what amount of gift card should be purchased. Now, the amount you pay for the gift card isn’t dependent on your feeling towards that relative, it rather depends on your bank balance because the payment methods available are net banking or credit/ debit cards. The amount ranges from 1000-20000 INR. After selecting a amount all you have to do is pay for the card and then fill up the survey form which constitutes of the name of the recipient to who the gift card is to be sent so on and so forth. Then viola, you have just emailed your gift to your loved one.


what gift would you give to that one cousin who keeps bragging about the better picture quality of his iPhone, who becomes the biggest spoiler alert because the song that was released yesterday is on his iTunes today. Maybe free iTunes gift card codes sound good. This gift card will allow them to choose and buy whatever it is they want, be it the latest album by Foo Fighters or the new season of game of thrones, or maybe the latest novel by John Green which can be purchased through iBooks using the same gift card. When you buy an Apple Music Gift Card for a 12-month subscription, you pay for only 10 months. In a way, it’s the best gift one can give to a music lover.


Oh the living and breathing world of online banking. But its better then carrying that big wallet and wondering every 20 seconds will you be the next person getting mugged. PayPal is the online bank through which secured payments can be done on many online shopping websites. The benefit you get while buying gift cards from your PayPal account is that you receive that discount on buying or that much-needed cash back so that you don’t lapse in time and start regretting your decision of buying a gift card altogether.

If you don’t have Paypal account Sign up from the below link Sign Up for PayPal


What would your response be if out of nowhere a friend of you tells you that you don’t need to worry about your recharge and that he will take care of it. Wouldn’t you be in clouds right now thinking that someone might gift you something like this? Skype offers you the Skype card, the benefits of gifting this card to someone? He/she gets to call and Skype his/her friends at low internet rates than the original and card money is added to their account and that means free internet usage from that money as long as it lasts. What more can you give to your friend who is living miles away from you?


This is interesting. Who would turn down a pizza? No better yet, who would turn down a free pizza? No one would right. By paying the preferred amount for the voucher you can woo your friends especially when it’s their birthday. Voucher codes are emailed to that recipient so that he or she can use them the next time they come to dominoes.

So, you see, now instead of avoiding the question from your relatives about what was the cost of the gift, you gave them gift cards so that no more questions arise. The best thing about gift cards is that the card can be emailed instantly. So now your friends and family members wouldn’t be able to guilt trip you in not remembering their birthday’s and anniversaries. Gift cards are the next trendy and social and economical gift one can give.