Difference between AdBlock and AdBlock Plus Plugin 2017 Download

Tired of those intruding ads in the middle of the climax? Are popups disturbing you a lot? Do you feel like blocking them up as soon as they start? If your answer is “yes” for all the questions, use Ad Blockers for the same. The annoying ads won’t trouble you any more once you have the software at your disposal. There are basically two versions of AdBlock. The first one is AdBlock and the other one is AdBlock plus. These are the two best ad blockers that have been created so far. Let us know the Difference Adblock vs Adblock Plus:


AdBlock is the subordinate invention of AdBlock plus. It has all its inspiration from its previous version which was equally cool and capacitated.

AdBlock plus

This is the original ad blocker which came first. It was specifically available at fore fox earlier. However, now it is free to be used in all the browsers available. The opens-ounce extension was generated by the community which was interested in a better brewing experience.

The difference between the AdBlock and AdBlock plus

Both the ad blockers are somewhat similar in nature. They share many common features like controlling infected domain, white listing, blacklisting, counters and warnings. Both the versions prompt you for the acceptable ads and block certain ads by default.

However, AdBlock has a cutting edge over AdBlock plus with some additional features. You can click a particular kind of ad with AdBlock and block the element at your sweet will. If the advertiser has not paid AdBlock to ignore the advertisement, the ad gets instantly blocked.


Talking about the usability of both the software, the intitule features and understand ability is present in either of them. There shall be no hassles in installation of any of the versions, and also you get instantly started soon after you install them. Comparing the user-friendliness, AdBlock plus is better in this aspect. It shows a whole lot of pages that have been blocked; Whereas, AdBlock does not convey any such info. Although, average user won’t mind about this, But since we are talking about the differences, so this piece of info has to be included in the article.


Once again, both are incredibly good and block maximum of the unwanted intrusions.  Some of the companies pay AdBlock to white list their ads because of which those popups are inevitable. The flashing banners and the sudden popups are blocked at a wide scale by the exceptional browsers.

Looking into the deeper difference in their performances, AdBlock some what works slower in Firefox and chrome due to some reasons. If you happen to open more tabs, there would be a downturn in its performance. Although there are no concrete evidence about the same, but that’s what the users have reported. On the other hand AdBlock plus copes up better. It works well and performs well directive of the tabs opened. Even when 25 tabs together were opened, there was no downfall in its working. So for me, AdBlock is the showstopper! if you have android device then you can install tsf launcher full latest version apk make your smartphone more beautiful for free.


It is really tough to choose between the AdBlock and AdBlock plus. There have been a lot improvement done in AdBlock plus because of which there remains a negligible difference between the two. However, you can install both one by one and analyses the performance for making an honest selection.

5 Kind of Gift Card You Can Grab Right Now

Are you one of those frazzled and unnerved people who spend 12 hours of the day searching for the perfect gift for their friends and relatives on festival the same monotonous package of dry fruits every year. Maybe we need to change that now. At some point of time the people who are close to you might feel unappreciated and heedless or at other times your dirty little secret will get out, that those were the dry fruits with the same package that Mr. Sharma gave us. It’s good to show that you love and care for the people who are close to you. Now the internet, online shopping websites even the online banks have come up with the solution that will make you feel less embarrassed and happier. These small cards are called GIFT CARDS.

How often do we scroll the clothing section of Amazon searching for a perfect outfit for your best friend yet discreetly ignoring the gift card option thinking that no one will benefit from it? Our generation is in dire need of these electronic plastic cards. How about instead of telling them “I bought you your favorite set of paints because you used to love painting” you tell them “I e-mailed you a gift card, you can buy anything you love from this card.” Maybe the latter might make them happier. I would like to detail you about the gift cards of five most regularly visited online purchasing stores.

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shocked? Very. It’s up to you to decide what amount of gift card should be purchased. Now, the amount you pay for the gift card isn’t dependent on your feeling towards that relative, it rather depends on your bank balance because the payment methods available are net banking or credit/ debit cards. The amount ranges from 1000-20000 INR. After selecting a amount all you have to do is pay for the card and then fill up the survey form which constitutes of the name of the recipient to who the gift card is to be sent so on and so forth. Then viola, you have just emailed your gift to your loved one.


what gift would you give to that one cousin who keeps bragging about the better picture quality of his iPhone, who becomes the biggest spoiler alert because the song that was released yesterday is on his iTunes today. Maybe free iTunes gift card codes sound good. This gift card will allow them to choose and buy whatever it is they want, be it the latest album by Foo Fighters or the new season of game of thrones, or maybe the latest novel by John Green which can be purchased through iBooks using the same gift card. When you buy an Apple Music Gift Card for a 12-month subscription, you pay for only 10 months. In a way, it’s the best gift one can give to a music lover.


Oh the living and breathing world of online banking. But its better then carrying that big wallet and wondering every 20 seconds will you be the next person getting mugged. PayPal is the online bank through which secured payments can be done on many online shopping websites. The benefit you get while buying gift cards from your PayPal account is that you receive that discount on buying or that much-needed cash back so that you don’t lapse in time and start regretting your decision of buying a gift card altogether.

If you don’t have Paypal account Sign up from the below link Sign Up for PayPal


What would your response be if out of nowhere a friend of you tells you that you don’t need to worry about your recharge and that he will take care of it. Wouldn’t you be in clouds right now thinking that someone might gift you something like this? Skype offers you the Skype card, the benefits of gifting this card to someone? He/she gets to call and Skype his/her friends at low internet rates than the original and card money is added to their account and that means free internet usage from that money as long as it lasts. What more can you give to your friend who is living miles away from you?


This is interesting. Who would turn down a pizza? No better yet, who would turn down a free pizza? No one would right. By paying the preferred amount for the voucher you can woo your friends especially when it’s their birthday. Voucher codes are emailed to that recipient so that he or she can use them the next time they come to dominoes. i will also give you another best and perfect give for your device. i know many people love our smartphone then i will give you another best launcher yo make your device display and apps more awesome now time to install tsf launcher themes free for all.

So, you see, now instead of avoiding the question from your relatives about what was the cost of the gift, you gave them gift cards so that no more questions arise. The best thing about gift cards is that the card can be emailed instantly. So now your friends and family members wouldn’t be able to guilt trip you in not remembering their birthday’s and anniversaries. Gift cards are the next trendy and social and economical gift one can give.

Download Aero TV for iOS Without JailBreaking | Aero Tv for iPhone/iPad

Download Aero TV for iOS: In the olden day’s people used to watch TV in their homes. The Technology has changed tremendously in recent times. CRT TV’s have become LCD’s and LCD’s become LED TV. However, we can’t limit ourselves to watch TV in only houses right..? Everything can be done in Smartphones nowadays so everyone is searching for the best application to watch live TV on their phones/Tablets. Watching TV on Smartphones is the norm because it is not convenient to stay all the time in your houses. When you are in office or outside still you need to enjoy the live Cricket or your favorite live TV shows. 

Mobile apps like Aero TV makes you watch live TV on your smartphones. There are so many Live TV apps in the app market like Terrarium App Apk but Aero TV stands out from the remaining. You can watch Live TV anytime anywhere using Aero TV for ios. Also, check Nomao Camera naked to get lifetime Netflix subscription using some free gmail id’s and passwords.

If you want best file manager then download filza file manager for device.

Aero TV for iOS/iPad is not yet officially released yet but the beta version has been released. Within a short period of time Aero TV beta version has become very popular due to its awesome features. Aero TV for ios is completely free of cost. You can watch Live tv using Aero TV without even spending a single penny from your bank balance. one more best TV app Mobdro TV Apk Download free for all

Features of Aero TV for iOS

  • Free of Cost
  • Free Live TV channels watching all over the world
  • No need of Jailbreaking the device to install Aero-TV

Who Can download Aero TV for iOS

Aero TV is compatible with iOS versions (9.1,9.2,9.3,9.4,9.5, 10.1,10.2,10.3)

Devices: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6+, iPhone 6S/6S+, iPhone 7/7+ iPad Air/Mini all these devices are compatible if they have the above mentioned iOS versions. Also, check Sony LIV app to watch online tv.

How to Download & Install Aero TV for iOS/iPhone/iPad without Jailbreaking

Aero TV for iOS is available with all the premium features and free live TV channels. The user interface of Aero TV app makes everyone to love it. You can select any channels which are streaming all over the world. **There is no need of Jailbreaking your device to install & Download Aero TV for iOS even though it is from unknown sources. So you can install Aero TV for iOS without violating Apple warranty. Also, check Change my software 10 Edition to install windows OS on top of the android device.

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Follow the below steps to Install and download Aero TV for iOS without Jailbreaking

  • As Aero TV app is not available on AppStore you need to download the same from Tutu Helper iOS app. Tutu Helper app provides you so many apps that are not officially available on apple app store
  • If you don’t have Tutu app yet click the link below to install Tutu Helper app 
  •    Download Tutu Helper App Apk
  • After installing tutu helper app open it and type Aero TV of the search Bar
  • Hit the GET button and then Install button
  • It will take hardly 2-3 min to install the same. You can’t use the app once the installation is finished as you need to verify the certificate
  • Go to Settings –> Profile and Device Management –> Select the correct certificate–> Verify
  • That’s it now the Aero TV app is completely ready to use. Enjoy the Live TV shows using Aero TV

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Aero-TV for iOS/iPhone/iPad is compatible with all iOS versions which are above 8. The sign-up process and installation are pretty easy. So enjoy your watching TV experience with beta Aero TV.  I will keep updating this post until the full version of Aero TV is released. So make sure to bookmark this link so that you will get to notify and enjoy with full features of Aero TV. if you want to watch latest movies then install moviebox Premium app on your android and ios device.

If you find any difficulties during installation of Aero TV using the above process feel free to mention the same in the comment section below. Don’t Forget to share this article on the Social network using the social sharing buttons below.

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Psiphon for PC | Download Psiphon 3 for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Laptop {Latest}

Psiphon for PC | Download Psiphon 3 for PC Windows

Psiphon for PC: If you are willing to use the Internet beyond the limits then definitely you need to have Psiphon app on your PC. As Psiphon is an Android app now it’s available in PC/Laptop too. It became very popular in Android and people are now looking to use the same in their PC/Laptops as well. Well, In this below guide I will provide you with the entire guide to Download Psiphon for PC and How to Install Psiphon for PC.

Surfing the Internet is a norm today. The Internet has become in such a way that you can find anything on the Internet like about Media, Technology, Health, Jobs and way more. More than half people in the world are using the Internet for their Personal and Professional purposes. Cyber crimes and online hacking have increased in the recent times. So it is good to have protection like Psiphon for PC for our benefits. Also, check Nomao Camera apk full version to get free lifetime Netflix subscription.

Now the Psiphon came up with the latest version called Psiphon 3 for PC. The download link of Psiphon 3 for PC software was provided here (Green Button). Using the below download link you can get the Psiphon for free on your Desktop/PC. You can see that How to seeks proving err_spdy_protocol_error guide it will help you sure. Make sure to read the complete article, I have provided you with the complete guide to Install and use it effectively.

Let’s See some Technical Details of Psiphon for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC

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Technical Details – Psiphon for PC/Windows 10/8.1/8

  • Title: Psiphon
  • FileName: Psiphon.exe
  • File Size: 4.74 MB
  • Prerequisite: All versions of Windows
  • Languages: All
  • Author: Psiphon Inc, Check out their official link    Psiphon Official Website
  • Last Updated: 10/03/2017

If you want to use any app it’s your duty to know all the features of that app right. Well, Let’s see the awesome features of Psiphon app.

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Features of Psiphon for PC app

  • You can use Psiphon as a Browser or VPN(Virtual Private Network).
  • The In-app status tell you that how much traffic you have used
  • For corporating license and you can contact Psiphon developers directly with free of cost
  • It’s complete Open source project
  • You can get the Source code and the design documents on their project homepage Project HomePage

Benefits of using Psiphon for PC

  • Psiphon for PC will Hide your IP address. It will use its own IP address so that your PC will not be affected by any virus or malicious websites.
  • If any site is restricted you to access that like country restriction or age restriction no worries. You can use the same websites using Psiphon for PC. Let’s suppose you are working in a software company where the social sharing websites are not accessible what will you do..? Install the Psiphon for PC there and enjoy the internet without any restrictions.
  • Let’s suppose you are using the internet through any public Wifi. Are you aware that your data can be hacked from the public Wi-fi..?? Yes, they can hack all the data that you have surfed through that open Wi-fi. Using Psiphon for PC will protect you from this kind of things.
  • Psiphon for PC is a trusted software. There are millions of people in the world who are using Psiphon 3 to enjoy the Internet beyond the limits. download bs player pro app in your android device.
  • Psiphon is a free software. You don’t need to spend any penny from your pocket to use the same.
  • Don’t think that Psiphon is only available in the English Language. The language option in Psiphon for PC software enables you to select your own country preferred language. If you are living in France then Psiphon is available in french language too. after that filmywap apk latest version download for your device.

How to Download and Install Psiphon for PC/Laptop/Windows

Here we are providing three methods for downloading Psiphon for PC.

  1. Download Psiphon for PC using an Exe file
  2. Download Psiphon for PC using an Android Emulator
  3. Download Psiphon for PC using an APK file

We will see each at a time. Later you need to decide which one is best and convenient for you according to your wish.

1.Download Psiphon for PC using exe file

Download Psiphon 3 Exe file

The above download Psiphon 3 link will give you a .exe file. After downloading it install the same like a normal Exe software file and double tap on it. Wait for some time until Psiphon gets connected. The latest Psiphon for PC will route to the country from which the date speed is getting fast. That’s it if you see the below screen then you have download and setup the Psiphon for PC.

2. Download Psiphon for PC using Android Emulator

Though Installing Psiphon application using .exe file is the old method we have one more method using the latest Android Emulator that is Bluestacks for windows 8.1.

As Psiphon is an Android application you can use Psiphon for PC using any Android Emulator. When we say Android Emulator the best and efficient Android emulator that experts and everyone will use is BlueStacks. Bluestacks is the best Android Emulator in the market and it is free of cost. we are also provides you another best app to watch and download latest movies and videos moviebox premium apk download free for all.

If you didn’t install Bluestacks on your PC then no worries, Install the Latest Bluestacks for PC from the below download link.

Download Bluestacks for Windows PC

Let the Bluestacks download happen and meanwhile, check out the below article 

You can Watch HD movies and Videos using Hotstar Premium Apk

Once the download got finished install the Bluestacks app player like a general Exe file. After the Bluestacks app has installed open the Bluestack app player on your PC and then you will get the below screen.

Now download the Psiphon APK file from the below download link on your PC. Using apk file you can easily install on your PC with Bluestacks Installing the apk file in Bluestacks is same as you do installations on your Android devices.

   Download Psiphon APK

As the file size is only 4.7 MB it will install only in few minutes. So this is how to install Psiphon app on your PC without any hassle. If you want to know more and much information about Psiphon app then go the Psiphon 3 official website or search in Wikipedia.

Psiphon for PC: You may face most of the times your internet will block some special services. So you may not visit them and enjoy. Using Psiphon you can use the internet beyond the limits. It lets you access everything on the Internet. Moreover, Psiphon will give you extra security if you are using the Internet in Public Wifi.

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Please comment in the below comment section if you find any difficulty during the installation or download using the above method. Please share this article on social media using the below social sharing buttons.

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Cute, Good, Funny, Cool Snapchat names | Unique Snapchat Name Ideas

Cute, Good, Funny, Cool Snapchat names | Unique Snapchat Name Ideas

Hello Snapchatters, If you are searching for very good, funny and cool Snapchat names then you have landed on the correct page… In this article, you will find funny, cool, good and cool Snapchat names. Snapchat is one of the best social sharing apps…Snapchat will be available on both google play store and Apple iStore.

Well, if you want to make your Snapchat account more awesome definitely you need to have very cute Snapchat usernames right..??


Snapchat is a social sharing app similar to most popular WhatsApp, but it has some extra features like sending images with tags and short videos…The most advantageous option in the Snapchat app is Privacy… hmm everyone wants privacy right. In Snapchat app after sending any photo or video immediately, it will disappear in some fixed amount of time. This option will enable privacy to our photos and videos that had sent to your friends… After knowing this feature the point comes to your mind is, Is my phone compatible to get Snapchat or not right…? Well, friends, the Snapchat app is compatible with all android and iOS versions including latest iOS version 10.2 as well. SnapChat Name Ideas

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You can download the Snapchat app from the below download link 

   Download SnapChat App

Hey, author, “this much info about Snapchat is enough let me take into cool Snapchat names” I have read your mind.., Aren’t I…

Okay, let’s step on the central idea of the article that is cute, good and funny Snapchat names

Select any name from The list of Cool Snapchat names

You Shall check 192.168.l.l Settings Which help to setup router.

Funny Snapchat Name Ideas for Girls, Boys | Hindi | English

Select any name from the below list to make your Snapchat account funnier…

Hire Me

Exclusive Farts

Black Sheep

White Hairs

Silent Killer

Pit Of Shit

Sand Pot

White Eggs

Hen Cage

Scooty Rider

Loot Car

Big Bowl

Searching Star

Double Dhamaka

Chota Mota

Fire Engine

Chupke Chupke

No Texts

Big Canal

Slurry Boot

Lengthy Pen

Double Eggs

Short Skirt

Pit Of Farts

Cute Snapchat Name Ideas for Girls, Boys | Hindi | English

Select any name from the below list to make your Snapchat account Cute.

Celebration Of Life

Big Life With Big Wife

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Big Teeth

Bitter Butterfly

Small Baby

Large Mouth

Fair Lady

Goal Kicker

One Wheeler

Night Rider

Small Boss

ColorFul Life

Sabse Bada Pyar

Badi Life Badi Wife

Cuteness Overloaded

Origin Of Virgin

Place of Pleasure

Cool Snapchat Name Ideas for Girls, Boys | Hindi | English

Select any name from the below list to make your Snapchat account Cool.

Mr Hard

Ms Soft

Mrs Wet

Male Cooler

Roller Coaster

Wide Wings

Wings Of Love

Pyar Ka Puchnama





DeStorm Power

Faulaknama Express

Black Burry

Blue Bird

White Horse

Flying Bird

Halwa Raj

Howdy Howle



Jafda Bill

Fire Tapas

Thousand Wala

High One

Full Of Bullets

Man On Fire

Loaded Gun


Good Snapchat Name Ideas for Girls, Boys | Hindi | English

Select any name from the below list to make your Snapchat account Good.

Wild Snapchatter

Ant Hunter

Nice Snapchatter

Mera Naam Josh

Full On Masti

Only Snapchat

No WhatsApp Plz.

Chat On Forever

Offline Snapchatter

SNAP Kicker

24by7 Party

Kick Snapchat

How To Generate Snapchat Names by using Online Tool for Free

There are many tools available on the internet to generate Names for social sharing accounts like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It’s hard to search all the tools and pick the best one right. So here as you have stepped into the best TechWebsite I am giving you the best Online tool to generate Snapchat names for free.


 SPINXO is the best online tool to generate names for social sharing apps. All you need to is giving some inputs like your NickName, Hobbies, Likes and Important words to be in your Snapchat name. After giving all these details just click on SPIN Button it will generate so many name Ideas. Pick anyone among them and make it as your Snapchat Name. Click the link SPINXO to generate Name Ideas using SPINXO tool.

For more tips to, take a look at the article =  Hotstar App Free Download For Windows 7 Softonic

That’s it, Friends. I have provided you with enough name ideas of Cool, funny and good Snapchat names. Select the one according to your interest and make your Snapchat account more awesome. Please do share the article and do comment in the comment section if you have any wordings to say. nox app player for android download it on your device.

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