YouTube Error 500 Android | How to Fix YouTube 500 Error on Android Devices

YouTube Error 500 Android | How to Fix YouTube 500 Error on Android Devices

YouTube Error 500 Android: If you are getting 500 Internal Server Error on YouTube or in any other application then you have come to a perfect place to fix the same. This is a Legitimate Error message from YouTube itself and their bad attempt. Don’t think that your Computer has been hacked or something else once you get this error. This is just a bonafide error from YouTube and I am sure that YouTube will fix this very sooner or later.

I did a lot of googling to fix this YouTube Error 500 Android and finally came up with a solution amigos. Well, This 500 Internal server error is just an “HTTP Status code”. The meaning of this HTTP Status code is it was unable to give you the specific reason about the exact problem. However, This 500 Internal server error is purely YouTube server side error and it is not on your Computer or Internet side. So no worries about this error.

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How to Fix YouTube Error 500 Android

The first and foremost thing everyone does when they got the above error image is pressing “F5” or Back/Forward Buttons. Well, better than this making your laptop/PC/smartphone Shutdown and rebooting the same device works well than pressing F5/Backward buttons. But it won’t work for sure to everyone. If you even get the same error after doing the restarts and Forward/Backward buttons. then you must need to follow the below procedure.

Make sure to follow the below tricks to stop getting Fix YouTube Error 500 Android.

Select the Browser which you are using and do the same as mentioned below.

Internet Explorer 6:

Tools –> Internet Options
Delete Cookies –> OK
Clear History –> Yes

Internet Explorer 7:

Tools –> Internet Options –> Delete…
Delete Files –> Yes
Delete Cookies –> OK
Delete history –> OK
Close (Browsing History Window)

Internet Explorer 8:

Tools –>Delete Browsing History
Preserve Favorites (leave blank)
[X] Temporary Internet files
[X] Cookies
[X] History

Mozilla Firefox 3:

Tools –>Clear Private Data
[X] Browsing History
[X] Download History
[X] Saved Form and Search History
[X] Cache
[X] Cookies
–> Clear Private Data Now

Mozilla Firefox 3.5/3.6:

Tools –> Clear Recent History
Time range to clear: –> Everything
▼ Details
[X] Browsing & Download History
[X] Saved Form and Search History
[X] Cookies
[X] Cache
–> Clear Now

Apple Safari 3:

Edit –> Preferences

–>Security (tab) –> Show Cookies
–> Remove All –> Done
After that: 
–>Safari –> Empty Cache –> Empty
After that:
–> History –> Clear History

Google Chrome:

Tools (Wrench) –> Clear browsing data…
[X] Clear browsing history
[X] Clear download history
[X] Empty the cache
[X] Delete cookies
Clear Data from this period: –> Everything
–> Clear Browsing Data

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So according to your browser Clear the mentioned data. That’s it you won’t get the error again. After doing all the methods mentioned above and if you get again the YouTube Error 500 Android then please let me know in the comment section below. 


Thanks & Cheers..!

Download BlueStacks for Windows 8.1,8,10,PC,Laptop | Free Download

Download BlueStacks for Windows 8.1,8,10,PC,Laptop | Free Download

Download BlueStacks for Windows 8.1, 8, 10, PC, Laptop

Hello, guys, In this article, we are going to download latest Bluestacks software for windows 10&8.1 and we will also see how to install Bluestacks 2.0 which is the latest version… Microsoft has given windows 10 as a free upgrade option… So everyone has upgraded to windows 10 from 8/8.1/7/Vista.Windows 10 interface and features are really awesome guys if you are not yet upgraded to windows 10 then upgrade it once you complete this awesome article. So after upgrading to windows 10 you need to have Bluestacks app right..??

Well, don’t worry blue stacks have recently launched its latest version with fixing all the errors in the previous version., this latest version of Bluestacks supports all types of high-end graphics as well. 
Well, in this article we are going to see how to download Bluestacks for free to windows 10,8.1,8,7.Bluestacks is an application in which we can install all our android apps and games like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and we can even play the games like Temple run2, Subway surfers and most importantly the high-end games like nova 3 and modern combat5.

So what are you waiting for Let’s start the download Bluestacks for windows 10,8.1,8,7.

Requirements to Install Bluestacks without any errors

  • Internet Connection
  • Updated Graphic driver or Graphic Card

Download & Install Bluestacks for windows 10 PC/Laptop (32 bit & 64 bit) or windows 8.1/8/7


Download free Bluestacks latest software for windows 10 or other windows versions from the below Download Now button.


You will get an application into your downloads folder after the download got finished. The file size is just 315MB. If your data speed is good enough it will download in 2 to 3 min.


Open the downloads folder and double-click on the Bluestacks application to install Bluestacks Latest version.


Click on run. It will take 5 to 10 min to install into your computer/Laptop/ PC.
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That’s it, Latest Bluestacks download for windows 10,8.1,8,7 was installed into your computer.

Note: Make sure that you will install all your graphics drivers to compatible with Bluestacks version 2.0 . Leave some time to download game data. Make sure that don’t turn off your internet while downloading the game data if you want latest game data into that. 

Once the installation is completed open the Bluestacks application… 

You will find Recently played, top apps, social & communication, audio and video, racing games etc.. If you want to search any app just click on search button which will be on the top left corner… You can get more apps from the + More button over there… So this is how to install Bluestacks for windows 8.1,10,8,7. So enjoy your day with Bluestacks guys. 

Download Bluestacks offline installer for windows 10,8.1,8,7 64 bit /32 bit or PC/ Laptop

Not everyone will use the same Operating System bit version… Some will use 32-bit and some will use 64-bit versions… Some users want Bluestacks offline and some want online… So here I am providing you the link to free download Bluestacks offline installer for windows 10,8.1,8,7.


This link works for both versions of windows (64 bit & 32 bit). After download the Bluestacks offline installer you will need to do the same procedure as explained above.

So that’s it, guys… This is how to install Bluestacks for windows 10,8.1,8,7 for free and how to enjoy with Bluestacks windows latest version. As windows have given a free upgrade to windows 10 grab that opportunity and install this latest Bluestacks 2.0 and enjoy your life with awesome games and apps… 

Don’t forget to share this Bluestacks for windows 8.1,8,10 article guys… That will make benefit for others as well. Let me know in the comment section below if you find any issues during installation process… 

Thanks & Cheers.

Best Android Apps for Multitasking | Floating Apps

Top 5 / The Best Android Apps to Enhance Multitasking

As we are in 21st Century everyone is having and using smartphones even the children of age 10. Everyone is  using and spending most of the time with Smartphones only. There are so many stupendous and interesting apps that are rushing into the android market daily. So as we need to watch news feed on Facebook, watching photos in Instagram, Surfing in Google/ YouTube, texting in what’s app to your GF/BF at a time definitely we need an android app which will be helpful for us to do all these activities on the go. So here we go with the Top 5 and the Best Android apps which enhance multitasking. Choose the best android apps for multitasking from the below 5 which suits and likes you better.


1) Sesame Edge

This is the first multitasking app in our list.It is a smart app search and edge launcher. If you enable this app it brings up a small transparent bar to the right edge of the display and tapping which will bring up the last 10 apps that you used.

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If you have so many apps on your phone and if you are unable to find your needed application then this multitasking app will help you. It will give you a keyboard from which you can search your respected app. From the same keyboard, you can search contacts, music, videos etc, anything on your smartphone. Great work right..!This multitasking app search is smart and it learns from you so the more you use it the better it gets.


You can download this multitasking app from here Sesame Edge

capture2) Easy App Switcher (EAS)

This app lets you add the multi-functional floating point to the screen. The button by default displays the icon of the most recently used app. And you can tap it to quickly switch between the last two apps you have used.

Swiping gives you a bunch of  recently used applications along with your favorite apps. Under this favorite apps you can add up to 24 apps or shortcuts,additionally, you can edit the default action on tap. There are options to change the look and theme of the floating icon on the panel and for some reason, if you don’t like the floating point then you can change it to launch it from the edge screen instead.capture

You can download this multitasking app from here Easy App Switcher

capture3) Circle SideBar

As the name “Circle” suggests this brings up a circular app list when triggered. The circular design along with the scroll effect allows you to quickly swipe between the app list and get into the app you want.

Not only it is efficient but also looks quite cool. You can even get some customization options, for example, you can change the trigger area position with height and so on. The best thing about this Circle Sidebar app is there is no restriction on the number of apps you can add. If you want further customization you can even edit the icon size and background transparency .

If you seek a unique sidebar then this Circle sidebar app is the best multitasking app for your choice.


You can download this multitasking app from here Circle SideBar

capture4) App Swap Drawer

This is the secondary app drawer which smartly sorts apps. Once app swap is triggered it brings up the floating panel. There you can quickly search for the app you want to use by using t9 built in keyboard.  You will find color dots at the bottom of the screen and I love this part that is tapping the color dots sorts the apps based on the icon colors how cool is this app right..!

Anyway the slide in the menu from the right lets you tag the apps into categories. That is a quick swipe option which lets you open out swiping right or left from the app draw. You can add up to 8 apps to the quick swipe panel. By the way, we got the option to here to customize the look the feel with themes and icon pack support.


You can download this multitasking app from here App Swap Drawer

Moving to the last app in our Top 5 Best android apps for multitasking list.


capture5) Sloth Launcher

Sloth launcher takes multitasking to a whole new level. You get the set triggers up and display different sets of apps when each trigger is well triggered. In this multitasking app, you can select different ways to display the apps via the notification panel or via the side bar or as a widget.  For example, let’s say we want our music apps displayed once connected  to Wi-Fi network. We then set Wi-Fi as a trigger and the music apps as an action after that if you connect to Wi-Fi then the music apps that you selected will display. 

Again you will get support for the themes and icon packs in the pro version allowing for better customization.


You can download this multitasking app from here Sloth Launcher

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So these 5 are the best and top android apps which enable multitasking in my opinion. If you like the post then like the post and comment down in the below comment section or if you find any another multitasking app is better, then inform me through the comment. Until then Thanks, guys. Cheers..!

Find an ATM with Cash Available Near you with this App, Android/iOS devices

Out of Cash..??Find an ATM with cash available near you with this app, Android/iOS devices

ATM with cash..Hello Guys, After 8th November 2016 People are really struggling to get their own money from Banks & ATM’s. The main reason for the ban of 500 and 1000INR currency is to catch the people who are having a huge amount of Black Money. Well but due to this not only those over rich persons, all the common people are struggling very much due to insufficient money in their home/hand. Everyone are having money in their accounts but they are unable to get it withdraw. 


Well, If you want to get money then the first place to go for is ATM or BANK. What if you didn’t find the money even in the banks or ATM’s…?? Sucks and irritating right…! Yes after demonetization many people in India are searching for ATM’s and banks that are having money available. I know it is very hard to search all the ATM’s by bike or by any other  and get disappointed once there is no money available.


So here we found two Android applications by which you can find the ATM’s that are nearby you with cash available. How cool right..?


This app is available on GooglePlaystore for free. This application enables you to find the nearest ATM’s that are having money available. The PINCODE box in this app enables you to enter your Pincode so that it will search near to your location and shows you the ATM’s that are having cash available. It will show you the status of the Que like Long Que or Short Que etc. There will be a button called Create Alert at the top right. If you click on it and give you mail id then it will give you the notification once the money is available nearest to your location. Below picture gives you the complete outlook of this app.



There is one more app in android market which will also show the nearest ATM’s with cash available. That is Walnut app. Let’s see how it will works.


capturePrice : Free

It is available in Google Playstore. This walnut app is very popular. It has more than 5 million downloads as the main purpose of this app is daily expenses calculator. It will analyze all the SMS inbox and it will track your daily spending and ATM withdrawals. Recently this app added one more feature called finding ATM’s with cash available near you

Note : WALNUT doesn’t read any other SMS’s in your inbox that came from any 10 digits mobile number. It will only read the company messages.

When you open this app you will find an option called Out of CASH?Find an #ATM with Cash near you. If you click on this it will open the google maps and shows you the nearest ATM with cash available. It will also show you the Que status whether the ATM is having long Que or short Que. The Social share buttons on top right of the screen enable you to share the same to your friends and neighbors through social shares like WhatsApp. facebook and twitter. The Alarm button at the bottom middle of the screen enables you to give notifications once there is an ATM available with Cash. The only thing you need to do is just giving your mail id in notify me the popup. You can download this app from Google Play store by clicking the link below.



So that’s friends. These are the two best apps to find the Nearest ATM with cash available. Select anyone from the two and install it from the download link. Please do comment in the comment section below if you find any difficulty while installing or downloading these apps.


Thanks & Cheers..!