Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

Amazon’s New BLU R1 HD: A solid deal, but with a twist

Amazon has just released their new call phone, the BLU R1 HD. Although this device is fairly new on the market, it has had resounding success because of its great value for the price. This phone comes complete with the power to run the applications that you want, at a price point that anyone can afford. The phone has many good qualities about it, however, the deal is to be purchased at a different price than usual. This phone is unique: it displays advertisements on the startup screen! No need to worry, however, it is a simple fix to remove ads from BLU R1 HD.

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

As popular as it is, there is a catch to the very affordable price. Although the cell phone will only set you back $60, it comes at a surprising cost. Amazon makes it so that advertisements appear on the home screen when you swipe into your phone. The ads that are displayed are shown to be tasteful, to the point where they are not blatantly colored or eye catching. This minor nuisance isn’t a colossal deal breaker for the device, as it has other very redeeming qualities, especially at its low price point. It’s 5.0 inch curved HD screen makes all media on your phone burst with vivid colors and cutting edge graphics quality. The Blu R1 comes with 16 GB of internal memory, giving its user ample space for apps and media. The MediaTek processor built in will handle the workload of tons of tabs and multiple applications with ease. The widely known fact is that this phone has a solid construction, and feels very well made in the hand while using it. If you plan on bringing along extra batteries, it might be worth knowing that this phone has a non-replacable battery built in. This will still allow the phone to be charged regularly through a wall outlet or USB cord, or by external battery, if on the go.

Next Generation 3D Fighting Game 13 Souls app for Android/iOS will work on this device!




That doesn’t mean however, that you’re stuck with these ads if you buy the phone. With a little bit of technical know how, you will be able to enjoy this affordable phone without the nuisance of having to see any unnecessary ads.

In order to make all of your devices completely advertisement free, visit our link to see the difference between Ad Block and Ad Block Plus plugins.

Remove Ads from BLU R1 HD

By simply following a few steps, you can work around the advertisements that will automatically pop up as your device opens. This will allow you greater functionality on your phone, without the hassle of seeing the ads constantly. The phone is already a great deal for the smartphone enthusiast on a budget, but being able to remove the pesky ads truly puts the cherry on top.


Blu R1 HD, the Amazon Prime cell device. Permitting an affordable price yet boasting a high dollar feel, this cell phone is one of the top sellers at this time in the market. This is because of good reasons as well! The device is powerful as well as sleekly designed. The only nuisance is that the Blu R1 comes with ads for Amazon’s Prime services. However, using this simple method, you can remove the troubles and be free to use your device as you please, ad free!



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How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone Without Deleting From Girlfriend 2017

How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone Without Deleting From All Girlfriends 2017

Are you the kind of person who have girlfriend and still want to play with some chicks around? Or you’re been caught by your girlfriend every time you text them at night, I could understand how you feel; everyone deserves to have his/her personal life to live. Well I’ve come to help you out on how to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting them from your girlfriend.

How To Hide Text Message

I Want To Hide My Text Message On iPhone/iPad Without Deleting (Trick 2017)

You need to hide messages from lock screen before you could think of any other thing. If you are the person who uses iPhone have you ever notice that whenever someone sends you a message there is always a popup on the screen of your iPhone.  This message can be read by anyone who might be with your phone at that point in time reason been that quick reply is also included on iPhones.

Follow the tips below to hide text messages without deleting it from girlfriend

  1. Hide iOS lock screen message alert: To hide your message I will recommend you hide the iOS lock screen message alert first, as it’ll disable the whole messaging notification.
  2. Disable Previews in iOS: By disabling this feature makes your messages to been hidden from the screen of your iPhone, though you will still be receiving messages but it won’t show on your iPhone screen anymore. In other to disable preview in iOS you need to Go to <settings>, from setting to <notifications> and from notifications to <messages> then scroll down. You have to scroll down till you see <include section>. There are some default previews which will be shown below; this preview is been on by default. The button needs to be switched off in other to disable preview in iOS.
  3. Hide message on your message application: Hiding messages on the message app is actually the best of all unlike the above methods. In the above method it was only explained how to hide message on the screen, but what if your girlfriend stumble on your phone and ends up checking your messages then your secret gets exposed. It’s possible to hide messages on your app, but it’s necessary you have a jailbroken iPhone. You need HiddenConvos to easily hide any conversations using a quick gesture.
  4. Install HiddenConvos: in other to install hiddenconvo there are some steps to take, reason been that its cydia tweak. The first step to take is been stated below.
  • Opening Cydia and makes it load its components
  • Search for HiddenConvo
  • Install the HiddenConvo tweak
  • Go to your message application and click on a message which you want to hide
  • Swipe to the left, you will see a new button <hide> this button is next to the delete button.
  • Touch the hide button and the conversation is hidden.

We hope this article is helpful regarding on you can hide text messages on iPhones without deleting from girlfriend 2017, Stay tuned for more tips.

How To Download Tumblr Videos on iPhone/iPad 2017 Trick/Tips

Wondering on how to download Tumblr videos on iPhones? Or you’ve been trying but still you find it difficult to get it downloaded on your phone. Well I’m here with the good news; in this article I’m going to be showing you the easiest and the quickest ways to which you can download Tumblr videos on your iPad. But before going into the main course i will like to let you know that for you to download Tumblr videos on your iPhone easily without stress, you will need the Dwnldr.

The Dwnldr is a cydia paid tweak package and it required to be purchased before it could be installed and used in downloading Tumblr videos on your IPhones. When video is been downloaded via Dwnldr it’s been saved in the vault. The vault is there in order to help store videos inside the Tumblr App; you can the later move your videos to camera roll after you’ve successfully downloaded it on your iPhone.

How To Download Save Tumblr Videos/Clips On iPhone/iPad With Trick 2017


Below are the 7 useful tips you need to download Tumblr videos using Dwlndr.

  1. Start Cydia: Cydia needs to load all repository and components; therefore it’s advisable you wait for some time after Cydia it’s been started.

  1. Search for Dwlndr: After you’ve started Cydia and it’s ready, then all you need to do is just go to the BigBoss repo and search for Dwlndr.

  1. Purchase: Dwlndr its paid tweak package, therefore it needs to be purchased so that the option could be visible for installation.

  1. Install Dwnldr: Once you’ve purchased the package what else. At this point you need to install the Dwnldr and Restart your iPhone.

  1. Launch the Tumblr App:  After you’ve restarted your iPhone all you need to do is to launch the Tumblr app on you iphone and select the video you want to download.

  1. Open the official Tumblr: After going through the installation processes, in other not to waste time just open the official Tumblr app direct because there are no options to configure.

  1. Search for your favorite video: Search for your favorite video, tap and hold on to it. A popup will appear asking if you want to save the clip to the Camera Roll of your iPhone or Dwnldr Video Vault. At this point you need to select camera roll so as to save Tumblr videos on your iPhones. With this you can easily have access to your downloaded videos and you can as well upload them to other sites.

Note: Be careful before sharing any downloaded Tumblr videos on different social media, before you could share any downloaded Tumblr videos all over different social networks make sure you have the appropriate right before sharing anyone’s digital data. There has been lot of cases whereby many people are been sued to court by some service providers due to the fact that their contents are been shared without their consent.

I hope now you understand how to download Tumblr videos on iPhones with the above tips which I’ve able to provide above. So stay tuned for more helpful tips from us.

Until next time.