How To Update Your System To Windows 10 For Free

Are you interested in being able to update your system to Windows 10 for free? Even though Microsoft’s special promotion offering the OS to the general public has passed, it is still available to individuals that use the assistive technologies that are featured in the latest operating system. The Magnifier tool, keyboard shortcuts, and fewer onscreen animations are all cited as reasons that you may qualify for the free upgrade, according to Microsoft.

Visit the Windows 10 assistive technologies upgrade page

Follow the link to visit Microsoft’s upgrade page for users that need the features that windows assistive technologies provide.

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

It is worth noting that by going through with the upgrade, you are telling Microsoft that you use assistive technologies. However, their definition of what qualifies a user as needing to use the extra software, is pretty lax. Therefore, most of the general public can technically qualify for this upgrade. Past this first mention before clicking the upgrade button, Microsoft doesn’t ask for verification that the user is truly using the upgrade for assistive technologies.

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Installing your new Windows 10 update

The process of being able to update your system to windows 10 for free is very straightforward, as long as your computer is moderately new, you should have no problem with hardware compatibility with this update. The Windows 10 operating system update can also potentially make your system run faster, as a result of fewer animations associated with the assistive technologies included with this new OS.

If for whatever reason you do not prefer the new update to Windows 10, you can always revert to your previous version, by simply following the directions at the following article:

Revert From Windows 10 Upgrade to Old Version

Keep in mind, Microsoft will let you reverse the upgrade for a total of 31 days. You are stuck with Cortana and Windows 10 after the 31 day period is up.


These are the simple instructions for how to update your system to windows 10 for free. For more technology updates, see our latest posts at


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