How to Download youtube videos free to your computer/pc/Laptop

Download YouTube videos free to your Computer/Pc/Laptop

Download YouTube Videos:- Hi friends, Are you searching for a method to download YouTube videos for free..?? Well then in this article i am going to show you three best methods to download YouTube videos free.

Method 1:

This is the simplest way to download YouTube videos without any software or app or add-on/extension. 

Step 1:-

Open YouTube and search for a video that you want to download. For example, I am searching for one video song from Vidya vox album.


Step 2:

In the address bar before the add “ss”. Then it will direct you to an another page.


If you type “SS” before URL you will get the above download page. From here you can select the clarity in which you want to download your video. If you click on Download button in that circle then automatically the video will be added to your downloads.

Or you can type “10” also to download the video without any extension or plugin. If you type “10” in place of “SS” then also you will be redirected to download page. The download page looks like below.


So this is the first method to download youtube videos free without any extra software or extensions.

Method 2:

This method is by using an extension named Video DownloadHelper in Google Chrome/Opera/Safari/Mozilla Firefox/ Internet Explorer which acts as a YouTube video downloader. To download this extension go to Customise–>Moretools–>Extensions–>Get more extensions/Search all add-ons. Type Video Download Helper in the search box and click Install.


Once you installed this video download helper extension/add-on to your browser an icon will be added to your browser toolbar. So if you open a video in YouTube automatically this icon will be highlighted and it will allow you to download video from youtube. It will allow you to download the current video that you are watching. 


So if you click the download button then the video will be automatically added to your download list. This is an another way to download youtube videos free from computer/PC/laptop.

Method 3

Downloading using IDM (Internet Download Manager) which works as a Free YouTube downloader. First, you ned to download IDM trial version from the link here Download Internet Download Manager(IDM). Make sure that after installing the software enable IDM in your extensions and restart your browser.

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Once you have downloaded the IDM go to and search a video that you want to download. You will get a popup named internet download manager at the bottom/top of the video. So if you click that popup it will ask you the download location to where you want to download YouTube video. Simply click on it then the video will automatically add to your download Que…

That’s it, guys. These are the three best methods to download youtube videos free. Pick your best method and go ahead. Do comment in the below comment section if you face any problems during the download process.

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