iPhone7/iPhone 7 plus Reasons Not to Buy | Must Know

Hi guys, In this article I am going to give you the 7 Reasons not to buy iPhone7 or iPhone7 Plus. Read the post till the end I am sure you are going to agree with me at least in some of my reasons. If you disagree with me feel free to comment in the below comment section.



  • The iPhone 7/7+ Design is not really too different it’s exactly same like as iPhone 6S and 6S .
  • In terms of Size and Dimensions the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are exactly same as iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which was 2 years old. The only real difference we have is the fact that we don’t have the antenna band going across the back, it just goes around the Edge in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple is calling it as Resign but I don’t really see as a redesign because it is just a removal of antenna band.
  • The only thing people loved in iPhone 7 and 7 plus is adding a new colour that is JET BLACK. It looks very good with a glassy finish, but the con here is the Jet Black model doesn’t come with 32/64 GB it starts from 128 GB which is too costly for most of the people.
  • Another design choice with little bit negative is The Camera Bump that looks pretty ugly and it’s actually larger this time in iPhone 7 compared to the previous models. Anyway it does’t matter as most of us are using back cases but think in this way, If apple had made the device with little bit thicker then there would be no camera bump and we will have some space they can add something more in that place, guess what a bigger batter and that will made a huge difference. Having them a little bit thicker with a bigger battery is most welcome by all of us.


  • The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with a 1960mAh which is only 100mAh more that iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.The iPhone 7 gives 2 hours longer battery than iPhone 6S where as iPhone 7 Plus gives 1 hour longer battery than iPhone 6S Plus. The battery change is not that much huge I would say.
  • The iPhone 7/7+ don’t have fast charging feature or wireless charging feature. Many flagship devices and even some budget range phones are offering fast charging feature but iPhone 7/7+ is not offering. No big battery no fast charging no Wireless charging ufff…!


  • We still have 720P resolution in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This is 2016 and we still why can’t just above 720P, there are lots of competition devices offering QuadHD and 1080P Resolutions but iPhone 7 is not offering 1080P. You do rellay notice the difference once you use a phone that has 1080P resolution.
  • The reason why iPhone 7 is not upgrading to 1080P is because of the Battery life. If a device has more pixels then it will consume much battery. So if apple had added some more battery here the resolution problem also wouldn’t be here.



  • iPhone7 has no Headphone Jack, Oh my god without headphone jack how can I enjoy the music… !!! Don’t get it wrong apple are including extra Lightening cable by which you can connect your earphones to your iPhone7.
  • It is not possible to listen songs while your phone is in charging because your type-c slot got occupied with charging cable, so in my point of view it’s a big drawback from apple.
  • Thankfully apple has introduced wireless ear pods which costs around 160$. don’t spend much on this ear pods which look like ear rings, 160$ is too much for this ear podsApple had made a lazy effort on designing this ear pods, it looks ugly and it tangles like earphones without wire.



  • If you are living in US then this should not be a problem because you are going to pay the same as what you have paid in the last year. and you are actually going to get more storage as the base model starts with 32GB. 
  • The people iving in UK need to pay 60 pounds more than the money that US people had paid in the last year. 
  • If you want the JETBLACK model you can only get that 128GB or 256GB version which is too costly.

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Final Verdict

These are the main reasons why you should not buy the iPhone7/7+. I know some of you are gonna don’t like these reasons but i think you are going to agree with at least one of my reason. If you agree with at least one of my reasons then do comment in the comment section below.

Top 6 Reasons RedMi Note 3 is Better Than RedMi 3S PRIME

Xiaomi has released Redmi 3S Prime on 22nd October 2016 in INDIA. People are rushing to buy this mobile because of the awesome features provided by Xiaomi in this phone. The phone is available in Flipkart every Wednesday in Flash Sale at 12PM. 


Coming to our comparison with Redmi Note3, Let me start with the Common features they both have,


  • Both the phones have same Design and Build except the position of CAMERA and Notification LED.
  • Both have a uni-body Metal Design with Curved edges which make them easy to hold and both have the same buttons & Sim card tray Placement.
  • The both phones are having HYBRID Sim Card Slot which holds two SIM Cards at a time or One Sim and One Micro SD Card at a time.
  • Both the phones comes with all the basic sensors like Gyroscope, Compass, Radio, LED Notification light, OTG Support, IR Blaster and Fingerprint Scanner. They even come with the micro USB charging ports with same adaptors.
  • Redmi 3s Prime is smaller, Lighter, thinner than RedmiNote3.

So In DESIGN & BUILD point both are same I would say, the one who prefers a large screen then REDMI NOTE 3 Wins or the one who prefers a small and light design then REDMI 3S PRIME Wins.

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  • Both the devices come with MIUI 7 out of the box and they are eligible to get MIUI 8 Update. They both look exactly same in each and every way.
  • Though Redmi 3s Prime comes with Android Marshmallow you can’t find any Android related stuff in the OS. Most of is clocked under MIUI even in terms of software UI and software experience. 

So In Software performance Both gives the same result.


  • Both phones have almost same battery capacity. Redmi 3S Prime comes with 4100mah whereas Redmi note3 comes with 4050mah.
  • Though the battery capacity is almost same you will get a better battery in Redmi 3S Prime due to the smaller screen and smaller resolution.
  • When compared to Redmi note3, Redmi 3S Prime will perform 10% better than RN3.

So In BATTERY performance Redmi 3S Prime wins.


  • With Redmi Note3 we get a bigger 5.5 inch full HD Sunlight display which better brightness levels in direct Sunlight.
  • Redmi 3S Prime comes with a normal 5 inch HD IPS display which is pretty good on its own but not as good as Redmi note 3.
  • Redmi 3S Prime doesn’t have all the display related customizations that Redmi note3 has to offer.


so In DISPLAY Quality and features, Red Note3 wins.


  • Coming to Camera Performance Redmi Note 3 comes with 16MP rear and 5MP front facing camera whereas Redmi 3S Prime comes with 13MP rear and 5MP front facing camera.
  • As Redmi note 3 comes with 16MP camera the shots taken by Redmi note3 was very better than Redmi 3S prime. Check out this link for camera samples of these two cameras Camera Samples of Redmi Note3 & Redmi 3S Prime

so In CAMERA Quality  Redmi Note3 wins.


  • Redmi 3S Primes comes with the latest budget range processor that is SnapDragon 430(1.4 Ghz), 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage with Adreno 505 GPU.
  • Redmi Note 3 comes with SnapDragon 650(1.8 Ghz), 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Storage, Adreno 510 GPU.
  • In Day to Day usage, you literally don’t notice any changes between these two devices until and unless you playing some huge games like Asphalt8, Moden Combat 5 and NOVA 3.
  • Even though Redmi 3S Prime is having 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage while gaming you will find a lot of missing details.

So In Performance Section, Obviously Redmi Note3 wins.


So coming to the conclusion both are pretty good phones but I would personally buy the Redmi Note 3 with 2GB variant instead of Redmi 3S Prime for better Performance, Better Camera, and Better Display. If I was on a tight budget and Redmi 3S Prime was sold for 8000/- I would buy the Prime instead. 

At the End of the Day once again I would definitely suggest you buy the Redmi note 3 instead Redmi 3S prime because you will get better Performance, Better Camera, and Better Display. But if you want a smaller phone then I would say go with the Redmi 3S Prime  You won’t be disappointed with the performance or in any other way. The only advantage with Redmi 3S prime is 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage.

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If you consider the extra performance that you get with Redmi Note3 the 3GB of RAM isn’t a great either. For regular people, you won’t notice a lot of difference in 2GB/3GB RAM. It is always better to have better performance than more RAM for better Gaming and software Performance.

That’s all my opinion guys. Please Do comment your point of views in these two mobiles in the comment section below.

How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 | English | Smart Strategy

How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 | ENGLISH

SSC CGL Mains, If you are reading this post means you might have cleared CGL tier1. So if you put some more efforts you can easily score good marks in mains exam as well. In this article I am giving the best strategy to score more than 150 marks in TIER 2 English Section.


Smart Way to get 150+ Score in SSC CGL TIER 2 ENGLISH Section

The English section will be going have 200 Questions each carrying one mark. There will be a deduction of 0.25 for every wrong answer. Let me divide you the whole English section into 4 parts for better approach,



The Majority of English Section will have questions related to GRAMMAR. So you need to mainly concentrate on GRAMMAR to get a very good score. The GRAMMAR Section will be of 90 Marks which is 45% of the total marks. So you need to focus much on GRAMMAR. The GRAMMAR part will consist of the following sections,

  1. Spotting Errors – 20 Questions
  2. Sentence Completion/Improvement –  25 Questions
  3. Active / Passive Voice – 20 Questions
  4. Direct / Indirect Speech – 25 Questions

Voices(Active & Passive) and Speeches(Direct & Indirect) were the easiest part in GRAMMAR Section. If you learn all rules of Voices and Speeches and if you practice many numbers of questions you can easily score 45 out of 45 marks even if you are not good in GRAMMAR. There are no specific skills required to answer these questions just practice is good enough. Coming to Spotting Errors and Sentence Improvement only you need to do is Practising Mock tests and following some books. I will provide you the best books that will help you in the Tier 2 GRAMMAR Section.

  1. From Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh
  2. A Mirror of Common Errors by Ashok Kumar

An average student can get around 30 out of 45 marks in these two sections. So coming to our strategy,

45 marks in Voices&Speeches + 30 marks in Spotting Errors&Sentence Imp = 75 marks in GRAMMAR


The VOCABULARY Section will be of 30 Marks which will mainly consist of,

  1. Synonyms & Antonyms – 6 to 8 Questions
  2. One Word Substitutions – 10 to 12 Questions
  3. Spelling Check – 3 to 5 Questions
  4. Proverbs – 10 Questions

In VOCABULARY the only thing we need to do is learning WORDS. I will provide you links to two best books to follow for VOCABULARY Section. 

  1. BARRON’S 3500 Basic Word List

  2. 1100 – words – you – need -to-know

Start Reading THE HINDU newspaper and learn at least 10 new words per day. Get Mnemonics dictionary app from google play store and learn those new words from the dictionary for better understanding as this dictionary will give you the clear meaning of the words and some example sentences by using that word.

So if you follow all these tips you will get 25 out of 30 Marks in VOCABULARY

     25 marks in VOCABULARY


The Reading Comprehension Section will be of 30 Marks. There will be 6 PASSAGES each consists of 5 marks. There is no Specific Strategy or Formula for this Section, The only thing you need to focus here is Reading HINDU paper and practising Mock Comprehensions. Make Reading as a habit definitely, you will score 25 marks out of 30.



Miscellaneous Section will be of 50 Marks which will consist of only two Sections,

  1. Cloze Test – 25 Questions
  2. Para Jumbles – 25 Questions

Practice as many Mock tests as you can. The main books for Practice Mock papers are TIER 2 Mock Papers by  Paramount Publications.

A Normal student can get 30 out of 50 Marks in this Section.


So a normal student who follows this Strategy will get around 155 Marks in SSC CGL TIER 2 ENGLISH Section.  If you are keen on getting a job in Staff Selection Commission prepare well and follow this Strategy, you will get 10 or 20 more marks in this section.

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Please Do Comment in the below Comment Section if you have any more points or any new strategy to be included. 

The Best Budget Earphones under 2000 INR – Sony mdr xb30ex

The Best earphones for Music lovers…

Hey, guys. If you are looking to buy earphones under a budget of 2000INR then this epic post is for you. In this article, I am going to give you the best earphones which come under 2000/- INR that is Sony MDR Xb 30ex

If your budget is below 2000/- INR and you need a stupendous music & Bass experience then Sony MDR XB30EX is perfect earphones for you.

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The main features of this Earphones,

  • Advanced Direct Vibe Structure for dynamic bass

    Trust me, guys, It gives extra bass like any other earphones in this range. At some point of times, you feel that you are listening songs in a home theater.

  • Comfortable, secure-fitting silicone earbuds

    The design and build of this earphones are simply awesome. It fits into any type of ear and gives very good noise cancellation. Make sure that don’t walk or run while listening songs in traffic or on road with this earphones because you will never hear any sounds.

  • Lightweight for ultimate music mobility

    The earphones feel like you are not at all using this. You can easily enjoy hours of comfortable listening on the go.

  • Tangle free cable

    The wire of this earphone is made in such a way that there is very less chance of tangling. The Serrated cable helps to keep your headphones in good shape.

  • Feel the beat

    The Advanced Direct Vibe structure of this earphones tightly seals in sound, for energetic bass and a beat that flows through you. 

  • Built for bass

     I am again saying this earphone is Specially designed Extra Bass drivers make sure your low end really packs a punch.


It works with 13 mm neodymium drivers to deliver richer, smoother low-end tones and crisp highs across all your music.

You’ll want to listen for longer, too, as the hybrid silicone earbuds are designed for enhanced comfort…


That’s all my review of SONY MDR-XB 30EX guys. Please do comment in the below comment section of your views on this.

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Relaince JIO SIM 4G Plans The missing facts & Information

The Reliance has released JIO 4G in India on 15th August 2016. Most of the people got attracted towards JIO because of the amazing offers that gave by Reliance like unlimited 4G data and Unlimited Calls upto December 31st.


The Reasons why People are Attracting to JIO

  1. Voice calls to any network in India are completely free.
  2. All SMS services are free.
  3. 1 GB of data effectively costs 50/-
  4. SMS services are free on Diwali and blackout days.
  5. All JIO services are completely free upto 31st,December 2016.

In this article, I am going to highlight  some of the missing facts and Information that everyone might don’t know and the plans that are offering by JIO. Is JIO really the game-changing…?? Let’s see,


The voice quality over JIO is not that much good due to some interconnect problems with other title-networks like Airtel, Vodafone & !dea.

  • The communication between JIO & JIO is working very fine but from JIO to other networks, you need to call 5, 6 times to get the call connected. May be reliance solve this issue after the commercial launch of JIO which will be on 1st Jan 2017.


Reliance said you will get Unlimited Data up to December 31st. It is technically true but not fully true because there are some limitations in this,

  •  Per day you can use maximum of 4GB data, after that the speed will reduce to 128 Kbps. So if you are a user who downloads more than 4GB per day then this will slaps you.
  •  If you are downloading any file or streaming any video, upto 200MB it is working fine with 150-300 Kbps after that the speed is drastically going down with a speed of 20-30Kbps.

Reliance is going to launch JIO on 1st JAN, 2017 with full plans. After that, you need to choose prepaid or postpaid plans the will offer. Let’s have a look at the Plans.


The first good thing is you will get Free Voice Calls from any of these plans. That was great from Reliance.

The main thing you need to see here is “Unlimited data at night” .. Fi you know the timings you will get shocked. It’s from 2AM to 5AM. This is really absurd from Reliance. So unless we wake at 2AM or before 5AM i don’t think this is useful to us. It would be better if the timings are from 11PM to 5AM in my opinion.

Reliance is shouting like it is giving 1GB data for 50/- it’s not that applicable I would say unless you opt for a very high plan like 5000/- per month.


So that’s it, guys. These are the missing facts and information that most of us don’t know. Please do share the article.