How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone Without Deleting From Girlfriend 2017

How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone Without Deleting From All Girlfriends 2017

Are you the kind of person who have girlfriend and still want to play with some chicks around? Or you’re been caught by your girlfriend every time you text them at night, I could understand how you feel; everyone deserves to have his/her personal life to live. Well I’ve come to help you out on how to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting them from your girlfriend.

How To Hide Text Message

I Want To Hide My Text Message On iPhone/iPad Without Deleting (Trick 2017)

You need to hide messages from lock screen before you could think of any other thing. If you are the person who uses iPhone have you ever notice that whenever someone sends you a message there is always a popup on the screen of your iPhone.  This message can be read by anyone who might be with your phone at that point in time reason been that quick reply is also included on iPhones.

Follow the tips below to hide text messages without deleting it from girlfriend

  1. Hide iOS lock screen message alert: To hide your message I will recommend you hide the iOS lock screen message alert first, as it’ll disable the whole messaging notification.
  2. Disable Previews in iOS: By disabling this feature makes your messages to been hidden from the screen of your iPhone, though you will still be receiving messages but it won’t show on your iPhone screen anymore. In other to disable preview in iOS you need to Go to <settings>, from setting to <notifications> and from notifications to <messages> then scroll down. You have to scroll down till you see <include section>. There are some default previews which will be shown below; this preview is been on by default. The button needs to be switched off in other to disable preview in iOS.
  3. Hide message on your message application: Hiding messages on the message app is actually the best of all unlike the above methods. In the above method it was only explained how to hide message on the screen, but what if your girlfriend stumble on your phone and ends up checking your messages then your secret gets exposed. It’s possible to hide messages on your app, but it’s necessary you have a jailbroken iPhone. You need HiddenConvos to easily hide any conversations using a quick gesture.
  4. Install HiddenConvos: in other to install hiddenconvo there are some steps to take, reason been that its cydia tweak. The first step to take is been stated below.
  • Opening Cydia and makes it load its components
  • Search for HiddenConvo
  • Install the HiddenConvo tweak
  • Go to your message application and click on a message which you want to hide
  • Swipe to the left, you will see a new button <hide> this button is next to the delete button.
  • Touch the hide button and the conversation is hidden.

We hope this article is helpful regarding on you can hide text messages on iPhones without deleting from girlfriend 2017, Stay tuned for more tips.

Download SMPlayer For Windows 10/7/8/, Pc/Ubuntu/Mac OS 2017

Free Download SMPlayer For Windows

Wondering on how to download SMPlayer for windows 10/7/8/, Pc/Ubuntu and Mac OS? Well, this guide is all about downloading as well as installing SMPlayer for different operating systems such as Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS. To start with, I will like to let you know what the SMPlayer is and how it works.

The SMPlayer is a portable media player which can easily be run on multiple operating systems, and it has lots of inbuilt codecs. With SMPlayer volume options can be seek by mouse wheel as well as content to allow audio track and equalize video settings. Users using SMPlayer can also create their own favorite list of audio or video lists which they’d like to play in future. This player tends to adjust to different layout and settings you’ve applied in the past along with customized headings/subtitles.

Free Download SMPlayer App Apk

The reason why I will be recommending SMPlayer is because of the inbuilt codecs which help it to play different media formats audios and videos easily. It’s as well used in playing online videos for example YouTube videos etc. At this point I will give the guide on how to download and install SMPlayer for Ubuntu and Mac as well as windows.

Note: Downloading and installation process for SMPlayer is the same for all operating system; therefore all you just need to do is to follow the guides which I will be giving below in other to do get the SMPlayer on your desire desktop operating system.

  • First and foremost you need to search for SMPlayer download page online from your browser.
  • After getting the SMPlayer you can then surf for different operating systems which you intend downloading it to by following their download links.
  • Now the next step to take is to select your operating system and click on the download button together with the bit version. For example if you are using windows operating system you can simply select to download SMPlayer 17.2.2 32 Bit for windows.
  • Click on save so as to save the exe file on your desktop.  
  • You can run the file after the download is completed.
  • Now the next step to take is to then click on the <Next> button and follow the installation structured listing.
  • And there you go, finally we have successfully installed the SMPlayer for Windows OS!
  • Now that you’ve installed the SMPlayer, you can now begin playing videos as well as streaming different media formats with ease.

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I was so surprised finding out that this player I’ve been talking about can play dozens of audio and videos format. I hope by now you have nice time using SMPlayer on your Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS or with any other operating system to play any media file easily with the above guides which I’ve been able to highlight. Stay tune for more updates from Updatepal, till then stay blessed.

How To Download Tumblr Videos on iPhone/iPad 2017 Trick/Tips

Wondering on how to download Tumblr videos on iPhones? Or you’ve been trying but still you find it difficult to get it downloaded on your phone. Well I’m here with the good news; in this article I’m going to be showing you the easiest and the quickest ways to which you can download Tumblr videos on your iPad. But before going into the main course i will like to let you know that for you to download Tumblr videos on your iPhone easily without stress, you will need the Dwnldr.

The Dwnldr is a cydia paid tweak package and it required to be purchased before it could be installed and used in downloading Tumblr videos on your IPhones. When video is been downloaded via Dwnldr it’s been saved in the vault. The vault is there in order to help store videos inside the Tumblr App; you can the later move your videos to camera roll after you’ve successfully downloaded it on your iPhone.

How To Download Save Tumblr Videos/Clips On iPhone/iPad With Trick 2017


Below are the 7 useful tips you need to download Tumblr videos using Dwlndr.

  1. Start Cydia: Cydia needs to load all repository and components; therefore it’s advisable you wait for some time after Cydia it’s been started.

  1. Search for Dwlndr: After you’ve started Cydia and it’s ready, then all you need to do is just go to the BigBoss repo and search for Dwlndr.

  1. Purchase: Dwlndr its paid tweak package, therefore it needs to be purchased so that the option could be visible for installation.

  1. Install Dwnldr: Once you’ve purchased the package what else. At this point you need to install the Dwnldr and Restart your iPhone.

  1. Launch the Tumblr App:  After you’ve restarted your iPhone all you need to do is to launch the Tumblr app on you iphone and select the video you want to download.

  1. Open the official Tumblr: After going through the installation processes, in other not to waste time just open the official Tumblr app direct because there are no options to configure.

  1. Search for your favorite video: Search for your favorite video, tap and hold on to it. A popup will appear asking if you want to save the clip to the Camera Roll of your iPhone or Dwnldr Video Vault. At this point you need to select camera roll so as to save Tumblr videos on your iPhones. With this you can easily have access to your downloaded videos and you can as well upload them to other sites.

Note: Be careful before sharing any downloaded Tumblr videos on different social media, before you could share any downloaded Tumblr videos all over different social networks make sure you have the appropriate right before sharing anyone’s digital data. There has been lot of cases whereby many people are been sued to court by some service providers due to the fact that their contents are been shared without their consent.

I hope now you understand how to download Tumblr videos on iPhones with the above tips which I’ve able to provide above. So stay tuned for more helpful tips from us.

Until next time.

How i Want To Mobile Number Trace Tracker With Name And Address


Mobile number tracing or tracking are now become one of the essential and most useful things in our daily life. As the number of wrong callers or fraud callers are increasing day by day there is also a need for prevention of this thing. So that people can easily track and locate the fraud callers and get to know about the details regarding them. So in our modern society we need all the things possible to prevent these kind of wrong or fraud callers. Some of the most used and trusted sourced for get rid of these kinds of problems are True caller , Trace Phone Number, Mobile Tracker.

True caller is one of the most trusted and used and well known application for searching details of caller id like

location, name, email address etc. On the other hand there are websites also where you can online search for caller id information. TRACE PHONE NUMBER and MOBILE TRACKER are the websites that can be used for getting the details of callers id online.


  • Get details of millions of people.
  • Shows the most possible accurate name.
  • Shows the pictures of the profiles.
  • Shows email accounts also.
  • Shows locations.
  • You can also block the caller or mark him as spam.
  • Easy to use.
  • Also shows the network provider details which the number holder is using.

These all are just the basic features of the app and websites but you can also see the Facebook accounts details. Blocking the caller is another positive feature of this source specially in true caller, you can block callers and also mark them as spam so that more people will aware about the spam contact. These all are the best sources pf getting information of unknown callers.These all are just simple, smart, easy, quick and  accurate information sources.


  • For true caller, the download procedure is very easy, if you are a android user than you just go to the play store of your android smartphone and search for true caller app and install it.
  • After the installation done you will be asked to fill some details about yourself like your mobile number and your name and email address or you can also set a profile picture of your true caller account.
  • If you are using an apple iOS device than you can do the same with using the apple app store.
  • Talking about the websites, so there is no installation things you just need to go to the website and write the number you want to search there.
  • Than details of that number will be displayed or may be few details shown and you will be asked to enter your google or Facebook account for complete information.
Mobile Number Tracker With Name And Address in India Online

Mobile Number Locator With Name and Address

Trace Mobile Number Current Location With Address

Trace Mobile Number With Owner Name and Address


So all these sources are trusted and most used sources for getting details of any of the unwanted or unknown or fraud callers and these are really very helpful in finding the details of the caller. So download the application or use the websites both are good options but i think true caller is a little better than the websites as it shows the profile picture also. So install the app and get rid of unwanted or fraud caller ids.

AirShou Screen Recorder Download For iOS 10 iPhone/iPad 2017


As we all know about the airshou screen recorder application which is easily available for android devices on android play store, as this application works really good for the users its demand is increasing day by day and for now it is very much demanded by the IPhone IOS users. So today we are going to talk about this application which is now available for IOS also. First of all, let me tell you this is completely a free application. So do not pay any kind of amount to get this application.

AirShou Screen Recorder


This app consist of a lot many features as you can record screen videos or your favorite gameplay in  1080p video quality with light effect on the device as this application Runs on light usage hence use low battery. You can also use airshou without jail breaking in your iOS devices also it is available for most of the iOS versions. So there is no worries about  availability of this application. Some of its amazing key features are:

  • Very easy user interface, a new user can easily operate this app without any professional knowledge.
  • This application is available for most of the iOS versions and very much compatible with them.
  • Record all your screen activities with soft and smooth resolution with 1080p compatibility.
  • This app uses very light amount of battery and provides better quality video.
  • You can also records your favourite gameplay or application interface with this awesome application.


For android users this applications is available free on play store, so you can download it easily from there and for iPhone users this is now also available as shown in the download procedure below. You can easily get this application with using your safari web browser and also without jail breaking of your IOS device.

  • Open the web browser (safari) in your iPhone.
  • Search for
  • Than search for the air shou application.
  • Than tap on the app icon and install it.
  • After the installation get complete one popup window will come which will ask you to allow your iOS device to access the microphone, so allow this.
  • And after this complete process, open the airshou application and enjoy recording your screen activities.


This application is complete free, so aware of scams which are showing this app as a paid application. Other thing is that you must try to figure out that there is no exe. File linked with the download file as we all know that viruses are on peak level now a days, so be careful about the harmful files while downloading the application. Otherwise the app is fantastic and have no issues or bugs as the user are much satisfied with the app according to the reviews.

So this is all about the airshou screen recording application you can easily get it by following my downloading procedure and enjoy the screen recording of your favourite applications and your favorite game plays with high quality video in 1080p also.