Find an ATM with Cash Available Near you with this App, Android/iOS devices

Out of Cash..??Find an ATM with cash available near you with this app, Android/iOS devices

ATM with cash..Hello Guys, After 8th November 2016 People are really struggling to get their own money from Banks & ATM’s. The main reason for the ban of 500 and 1000INR currency is to catch the people who are having a huge amount of Black Money. Well but due to this not only those over rich persons, all the common people are struggling very much due to insufficient money in their home/hand. Everyone are having money in their accounts but they are unable to get it withdraw. 


Well, If you want to get money then the first place to go for is ATM or BANK. What if you didn’t find the money even in the banks or ATM’s…?? Sucks and irritating right…! Yes after demonetization many people in India are searching for ATM’s and banks that are having money available. I know it is very hard to search all the ATM’s by bike or by any other  and get disappointed once there is no money available.


So here we found two Android applications by which you can find the ATM’s that are nearby you with cash available. How cool right..?


This app is available on GooglePlaystore for free. This application enables you to find the nearest ATM’s that are having money available. The PINCODE box in this app enables you to enter your Pincode so that it will search near to your location and shows you the ATM’s that are having cash available. It will show you the status of the Que like Long Que or Short Que etc. There will be a button called Create Alert at the top right. If you click on it and give you mail id then it will give you the notification once the money is available nearest to your location. Below picture gives you the complete outlook of this app.



There is one more app in android market which will also show the nearest ATM’s with cash available. That is Walnut app. Let’s see how it will works.


capturePrice : Free

It is available in Google Playstore. This walnut app is very popular. It has more than 5 million downloads as the main purpose of this app is daily expenses calculator. It will analyze all the SMS inbox and it will track your daily spending and ATM withdrawals. Recently this app added one more feature called finding ATM’s with cash available near you

Note : WALNUT doesn’t read any other SMS’s in your inbox that came from any 10 digits mobile number. It will only read the company messages.

When you open this app you will find an option called Out of CASH?Find an #ATM with Cash near you. If you click on this it will open the google maps and shows you the nearest ATM with cash available. It will also show you the Que status whether the ATM is having long Que or short Que. The Social share buttons on top right of the screen enable you to share the same to your friends and neighbors through social shares like WhatsApp. facebook and twitter. The Alarm button at the bottom middle of the screen enables you to give notifications once there is an ATM available with Cash. The only thing you need to do is just giving your mail id in notify me the popup. You can download this app from Google Play store by clicking the link below.



So that’s friends. These are the two best apps to find the Nearest ATM with cash available. Select anyone from the two and install it from the download link. Please do comment in the comment section below if you find any difficulty while installing or downloading these apps.


Thanks & Cheers..!