5 Instagram tools to improve your marketing

With the increase in the use of social media sites and apps, social media has become more than just some platform to connect with friends and families and has now become a great opportunity as well. With the introduction of social media marketing, many platforms are now being used to promote brands and businesses, and they are doing well. Instagram is also one of the top social media marketing sites and is developing many big brands and companies. Marketing on Instagram is very useful, but you still have to take precautions and do it right. Instagram marketing can be enhanced by using specially designed Instagram tools. Here below is a list of 5 tools that will help you improve your Instagram marketing campaign.

Use “A Color Story” to improve your images

As we all know that Instagram is different from many other social media platforms because it is a visual application and our content is pictures only. So, it is crucial to you that in order to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign you need to make sure that you are posting your best pictures in the best way. A Color Story is an Instagram tool that lets you edit your photos for Instagram. It enhances your images and gives them a more professional look. So get this tool to improve your Instagram marketing.

Use “SnapWidget” to embed your Instagram on your website

One of the ways to improve your social media marketing is to promote your social media accounts on other sites and embed them. You can always promote your Instagram on your website or your blog whichever you prefer. For this purpose, there are a few Instagram tools out there. But SnapWidget is an excellent fit. SnapWidget allow you to embed your Instagram stream on your websites in the form of a widget. In this way, your Instagram account get more advertising and your drive audience to your Instagram account through your main website or blog.

Use Iconosquare to improve your account management

It is very important to properly manage your Instagram account in order to achieve good results from your Instagram marketing campaign. Iconosquare is a web based tool that is designed for Instagram management. It makes things easier for you and you can manage and interact easily. It has many interesting features like it will give you all the statistics of your account, it makes viewing easier for you, it helps you manage comments and posts and it also helps you to engage with followers easily.

Use Vibbi to buy more followers for your Instagram

We all know that if we want our social media marketing campaign to do well then we are going to need a lot of audience on it. The more audience you have, the better your campaign will perform. Vibbi is a web and application based Instagram tools that really help you in getting more followers. You can simply buy followers using this app and not just that it also lets you but views and likes. So get Vibbi now and grow yourself on Instagram.

Use Repost to share the content of your niche

Instagram lacks the feature of sharing content direct from other accounts and it is kind of frustrating for some people. Repost is an Instagram tool that lets you share content from any other Instagram account with their Instagram mark on it. Repost can really help you improve your Instagram marketing as well. If you are following Instagram accounts related to your business community you can repost their posts on your account and endorse them. This gives a really nice look of your account, but remember that you should only be re-posting relevant material.