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Top 5 / The Best Android Apps to Enhance Multitasking

As we are in 21st Century everyone is having and using smartphones even the children of age 10. Everyone is  using and spending most of the time with Smartphones only. There are so many stupendous and interesting apps that are rushing into the android market daily. So as we need to watch news feed on Facebook, watching photos in Instagram, Surfing in Google/ YouTube, texting in what’s app to your GF/BF at a time definitely we need an android app which will be helpful for us to do all these activities on the go. So here we go with the Top 5 and the Best Android apps which enhance multitasking. Choose the best android apps for multitasking from the below 5 which suits and likes you better.


1) Sesame Edge

This is the first multitasking app in our list.It is a smart app search and edge launcher. If you enable this app it brings up a small transparent bar to the right edge of the display and tapping which will bring up the last 10 apps that you used.

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If you have so many apps on your phone and if you are unable to find your needed application then this multitasking app will help you. It will give you a keyboard from which you can search your respected app. From the same keyboard, you can search contacts, music, videos etc, anything on your smartphone. Great work right..!This multitasking app search is smart and it learns from you so the more you use it the better it gets.


You can download this multitasking app from here Sesame Edge

capture2) Easy App Switcher (EAS)

This app lets you add the multi-functional floating point to the screen. The button by default displays the icon of the most recently used app. And you can tap it to quickly switch between the last two apps you have used.

Swiping gives you a bunch of  recently used applications along with your favorite apps. Under this favorite apps you can add up to 24 apps or shortcuts,additionally, you can edit the default action on tap. There are options to change the look and theme of the floating icon on the panel and for some reason, if you don’t like the floating point then you can change it to launch it from the edge screen instead.capture

You can download this multitasking app from here Easy App Switcher

capture3) Circle SideBar

As the name “Circle” suggests this brings up a circular app list when triggered. The circular design along with the scroll effect allows you to quickly swipe between the app list and get into the app you want.

Not only it is efficient but also looks quite cool. You can even get some customization options, for example, you can change the trigger area position with height and so on. The best thing about this Circle Sidebar app is there is no restriction on the number of apps you can add. If you want further customization you can even edit the icon size and background transparency .

If you seek a unique sidebar then this Circle sidebar app is the best multitasking app for your choice.


You can download this multitasking app from here Circle SideBar

capture4) App Swap Drawer

This is the secondary app drawer which smartly sorts apps. Once app swap is triggered it brings up the floating panel. There you can quickly search for the app you want to use by using t9 built in keyboard.  You will find color dots at the bottom of the screen and I love this part that is tapping the color dots sorts the apps based on the icon colors how cool is this app right..!

Anyway the slide in the menu from the right lets you tag the apps into categories. That is a quick swipe option which lets you open out swiping right or left from the app draw. You can add up to 8 apps to the quick swipe panel. By the way, we got the option to here to customize the look the feel with themes and icon pack support.


You can download this multitasking app from here App Swap Drawer

Moving to the last app in our Top 5 Best android apps for multitasking list.


capture5) Sloth Launcher

Sloth launcher takes multitasking to a whole new level. You get the set triggers up and display different sets of apps when each trigger is well triggered. In this multitasking app, you can select different ways to display the apps via the notification panel or via the side bar or as a widget.  For example, let’s say we want our music apps displayed once connected  to Wi-Fi network. We then set Wi-Fi as a trigger and the poweramp music player for pc apps as an action after that if you connect to Wi-Fi then the music apps that you selected will display. 

also anther best app is filza file manager app for android and ios user’s.

Again you will get support for the themes and icon packs in the pro version allowing for better customization.


You can download this multitasking app from here Sloth Launcher

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So these 5 are the best and top android apps which enable multitasking in my opinion. If you like the post then like the post and comment down in the below comment section or if you find any another multitasking app is better, then inform me through the comment. Until then Thanks, guys. Cheers..!