5 Kind of Gift Card You Can Grab Right Now

Are you one of those frazzled and unnerved people who spend 12 hours of the day searching for the perfect gift for their friends and relatives on festival the same monotonous package of dry fruits every year. Maybe we need to change that now. At some point of time the people who are close to you might feel unappreciated and heedless or at other times your dirty little secret will get out, that those were the dry fruits with the same package that Mr. Sharma gave us. It’s good to show that you love and care for the people who are close to you. Now the internet, online shopping websites even the online banks have come up with the solution that will make you feel less embarrassed and happier. These small cards are called GIFT CARDS.

How often do we scroll the clothing section of Amazon searching for a perfect outfit for your best friend yet discreetly ignoring the gift card option thinking that no one will benefit from it? Our generation is in dire need of these electronic plastic cards. How about instead of telling them “I bought you your favorite set of paints because you used to love painting” you tell them “I e-mailed you a gift card, you can buy anything you love from this card.” Maybe the latter might make them happier. I would like to detail you about the gift cards of five most regularly visited online purchasing stores.

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shocked? Very. It’s up to you to decide what amount of gift card should be purchased. Now, the amount you pay for the gift card isn’t dependent on your feeling towards that relative, it rather depends on your bank balance because the payment methods available are net banking or credit/ debit cards. The amount ranges from 1000-20000 INR. After selecting a amount all you have to do is pay for the card and then fill up the survey form which constitutes of the name of the recipient to who the gift card is to be sent so on and so forth. Then viola, you have just emailed your gift to your loved one.


what gift would you give to that one cousin who keeps bragging about the better picture quality of his iPhone, who becomes the biggest spoiler alert because the song that was released yesterday is on his iTunes today. Maybe free iTunes gift card codes sound good. This gift card will allow them to choose and buy whatever it is they want, be it the latest album by Foo Fighters or the new season of game of thrones, or maybe the latest novel by John Green which can be purchased through iBooks using the same gift card. When you buy an Apple Music Gift Card for a 12-month subscription, you pay for only 10 months. In a way, it’s the best gift one can give to a music lover.


Oh the living and breathing world of online banking. But its better then carrying that big wallet and wondering every 20 seconds will you be the next person getting mugged. PayPal is the online bank through which secured payments can be done on many online shopping websites. The benefit you get while buying gift cards from your PayPal account is that you receive that discount on buying or that much-needed cash back so that you don’t lapse in time and start regretting your decision of buying a gift card altogether.

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What would your response be if out of nowhere a friend of you tells you that you don’t need to worry about your recharge and that he will take care of it. Wouldn’t you be in clouds right now thinking that someone might gift you something like this? Skype offers you the Skype card, the benefits of gifting this card to someone? He/she gets to call and Skype his/her friends at low internet rates than the original and card money is added to their account and that means free internet usage from that money as long as it lasts. What more can you give to your friend who is living miles away from you?


This is interesting. Who would turn down a pizza? No better yet, who would turn down a free pizza? No one would right. By paying the preferred amount for the voucher you can woo your friends especially when it’s their birthday. Voucher codes are emailed to that recipient so that he or she can use them the next time they come to dominoes.

So, you see, now instead of avoiding the question from your relatives about what was the cost of the gift, you gave them gift cards so that no more questions arise. The best thing about gift cards is that the card can be emailed instantly. So now your friends and family members wouldn’t be able to guilt trip you in not remembering their birthday’s and anniversaries. Gift cards are the next trendy and social and economical gift one can give.