YouTube Error 500 Android | How to Fix YouTube 500 Error on Android Devices

YouTube Error 500 Android | How to Fix YouTube 500 Error on Android Devices

YouTube Error 500 Android: If you are getting 500 Internal Server Error on YouTube or in any other application then you have come to a perfect place to fix the same. This is a Legitimate Error message from YouTube itself and their bad attempt. Don’t think that your Computer has been hacked or something else once you get this error. This is just a bonafide error from YouTube and I am sure that YouTube will fix this very sooner or later.

I did a lot of googling to fix this YouTube Error 500 Android and finally came up with a solution amigos. Well, This 500 Internal server error is just an “HTTP Status code”. The meaning of this HTTP Status code is it was unable to give you the specific reason about the exact problem. However, This 500 Internal server error is purely YouTube server side error and it is not on your Computer or Internet side. So no worries about this error.

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How to Fix YouTube Error 500 Android

The first and foremost thing everyone does when they got the above error image is pressing “F5” or Back/Forward Buttons. Well, better than this making your laptop/PC/smartphone Shutdown and rebooting the same device works well than pressing F5/Backward buttons. But it won’t work for sure to everyone. If you even get the same error after doing the restarts and Forward/Backward buttons. then you must need to follow the below procedure.

Make sure to follow the below tricks to stop getting Fix YouTube Error 500 Android.

Select the Browser which you are using and do the same as mentioned below.

Internet Explorer 6:

Tools –> Internet Options
Delete Cookies –> OK
Clear History –> Yes

Internet Explorer 7:

Tools –> Internet Options –> Delete…
Delete Files –> Yes
Delete Cookies –> OK
Delete history –> OK
Close (Browsing History Window)

Internet Explorer 8:

Tools –>Delete Browsing History
Preserve Favorites (leave blank)
[X] Temporary Internet files
[X] Cookies
[X] History

Mozilla Firefox 3:

Tools –>Clear Private Data
[X] Browsing History
[X] Download History
[X] Saved Form and Search History
[X] Cache
[X] Cookies
–> Clear Private Data Now

Mozilla Firefox 3.5/3.6:

Tools –> Clear Recent History
Time range to clear: –> Everything
▼ Details
[X] Browsing & Download History
[X] Saved Form and Search History
[X] Cookies
[X] Cache
–> Clear Now

Apple Safari 3:

Edit –> Preferences

–>Security (tab) –> Show Cookies
–> Remove All –> Done
After that: 
–>Safari –> Empty Cache –> Empty
After that:
–> History –> Clear History

Google Chrome:

Tools (Wrench) –> Clear browsing data…
[X] Clear browsing history
[X] Clear download history
[X] Empty the cache
[X] Delete cookies
Clear Data from this period: –> Everything
–> Clear Browsing Data

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So according to your browser Clear the mentioned data. That’s it you won’t get the error again. After doing all the methods mentioned above and if you get again the YouTube Error 500 Android then please let me know in the comment section below. 


Thanks & Cheers..!