Difference between AdBlock and AdBlock Plus Plugin 2017 Download

Tired of those intruding ads in the middle of the climax? Are popups disturbing you a lot? Do you feel like blocking them up as soon as they start? If your answer is “yes” for all the questions, use Ad Blockers for the same. The annoying ads won’t trouble you any more once you have the software at your disposal. There are basically two versions of AdBlock. The first one is AdBlock and the other one is AdBlock plus. These are the two best ad blockers that have been created so far. Let us know the Difference Adblock vs Adblock Plus:


AdBlock is the subordinate invention of AdBlock plus. It has all its inspiration from its previous version which was equally cool and capacitated.

AdBlock plus

This is the original ad blocker which came first. It was specifically available at fore fox earlier. However, now it is free to be used in all the browsers available. The opens-ounce extension was generated by the community which was interested in a better brewing experience.

The difference between the AdBlock and AdBlock plus

Both the ad blockers are somewhat similar in nature. They share many common features like controlling infected domain, white listing, blacklisting, counters and warnings. Both the versions prompt you for the acceptable ads and block certain ads by default.

However, AdBlock has a cutting edge over AdBlock plus with some additional features. You can click a particular kind of ad with AdBlock and block the element at your sweet will. If the advertiser has not paid AdBlock to ignore the advertisement, the ad gets instantly blocked.


Talking about the usability of both the software, the intitule features and understand ability is present in either of them. There shall be no hassles in installation of any of the versions, and also you get instantly started soon after you install them. Comparing the user-friendliness, AdBlock plus is better in this aspect. It shows a whole lot of pages that have been blocked; Whereas, AdBlock does not convey any such info. Although, average user won’t mind about this, But since we are talking about the differences, so this piece of info has to be included in the article.


Once again, both are incredibly good and block maximum of the unwanted intrusions.  Some of the companies pay AdBlock to white list their ads because of which those popups are inevitable. The flashing banners and the sudden popups are blocked at a wide scale by the exceptional browsers.

Looking into the deeper difference in their performances, AdBlock some what works slower in Firefox and chrome due to some reasons. If you happen to open more tabs, there would be a downturn in its performance. Although there are no concrete evidence about the same, but that’s what the users have reported. On the other hand AdBlock plus copes up better. It works well and performs well directive of the tabs opened. Even when 25 tabs together were opened, there was no downfall in its working. So for me, AdBlock is the showstopper!


It is really tough to choose between the AdBlock and AdBlock plus. There have been a lot improvement done in AdBlock plus because of which there remains a negligible difference between the two. However, you can install both one by one and analyses the performance for making an honest selection.