Relaince JIO SIM 4G Plans The missing facts & Information

The Reliance has released JIO 4G in India on 15th August 2016. Most of the people got attracted towards JIO because of the amazing offers that gave by Reliance like unlimited 4G data and Unlimited Calls upto December 31st.


The Reasons why People are Attracting to JIO

  1. Voice calls to any network in India are completely free.
  2. All SMS services are free.
  3. 1 GB of data effectively costs 50/-
  4. SMS services are free on Diwali and blackout days.
  5. All JIO services are completely free upto 31st,December 2016.

In this article, I am going to highlight  some of the missing facts and Information that everyone might don’t know and the plans that are offering by JIO. Is JIO really the game-changing…?? Let’s see,


The voice quality over JIO is not that much good due to some interconnect problems with other title-networks like Airtel, Vodafone & !dea.

  • The communication between JIO & JIO is working very fine but from JIO to other networks, you need to call 5, 6 times to get the call connected. May be reliance solve this issue after the commercial launch of JIO which will be on 1st Jan 2017.


Reliance said you will get Unlimited Data up to December 31st. It is technically true but not fully true because there are some limitations in this,

  •  Per day you can use maximum of 4GB data, after that the speed will reduce to 128 Kbps. So if you are a user who downloads more than 4GB per day then this will slaps you.
  •  If you are downloading any file or streaming any video, upto 200MB it is working fine with 150-300 Kbps after that the speed is drastically going down with a speed of 20-30Kbps.

Reliance is going to launch JIO on 1st JAN, 2017 with full plans. After that, you need to choose prepaid or postpaid plans the will offer. Let’s have a look at the Plans.


The first good thing is you will get Free Voice Calls from any of these plans. That was great from Reliance.

The main thing you need to see here is “Unlimited data at night” .. Fi you know the timings you will get shocked. It’s from 2AM to 5AM. This is really absurd from Reliance. So unless we wake at 2AM or before 5AM i don’t think this is useful to us. It would be better if the timings are from 11PM to 5AM in my opinion.

Reliance is shouting like it is giving 1GB data for 50/- it’s not that applicable I would say unless you opt for a very high plan like 5000/- per month.


So that’s it, guys. These are the missing facts and information that most of us don’t know. Please do share the article.