Top 6 Reasons RedMi Note 3 is Better Than RedMi 3S PRIME

Xiaomi has released Redmi 3S Prime on 22nd October 2016 in INDIA. People are rushing to buy this mobile because of the awesome features provided by Xiaomi in this phone. The phone is available in Flipkart every Wednesday in Flash Sale at 12PM. 


Coming to our comparison with Redmi Note3, Let me start with the Common features they both have,


  • Both the phones have same Design and Build except the position of CAMERA and Notification LED.
  • Both have a uni-body Metal Design with Curved edges which make them easy to hold and both have the same buttons & Sim card tray Placement.
  • The both phones are having HYBRID Sim Card Slot which holds two SIM Cards at a time or One Sim and One Micro SD Card at a time.
  • Both the phones comes with all the basic sensors like Gyroscope, Compass, Radio, LED Notification light, OTG Support, IR Blaster and Fingerprint Scanner. They even come with the micro USB charging ports with same adaptors.
  • Redmi 3s Prime is smaller, Lighter, thinner than RedmiNote3.

So In DESIGN & BUILD point both are same I would say, the one who prefers a large screen then REDMI NOTE 3 Wins or the one who prefers a small and light design then REDMI 3S PRIME Wins.

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  • Both the devices come with MIUI 7 out of the box and they are eligible to get MIUI 8 Update. They both look exactly same in each and every way.
  • Though Redmi 3s Prime comes with Android Marshmallow you can’t find any Android related stuff in the OS. Most of is clocked under MIUI even in terms of software UI and software experience. 

So In Software performance Both gives the same result.


  • Both phones have almost same battery capacity. Redmi 3S Prime comes with 4100mah whereas Redmi note3 comes with 4050mah.
  • Though the battery capacity is almost same you will get a better battery in Redmi 3S Prime due to the smaller screen and smaller resolution.
  • When compared to Redmi note3, Redmi 3S Prime will perform 10% better than RN3.

So In BATTERY performance Redmi 3S Prime wins.


  • With Redmi Note3 we get a bigger 5.5 inch full HD Sunlight display which better brightness levels in direct Sunlight.
  • Redmi 3S Prime comes with a normal 5 inch HD IPS display which is pretty good on its own but not as good as Redmi note 3.
  • Redmi 3S Prime doesn’t have all the display related customizations that Redmi note3 has to offer.


so In DISPLAY Quality and features, Red Note3 wins.


  • Coming to Camera Performance Redmi Note 3 comes with 16MP rear and 5MP front facing camera whereas Redmi 3S Prime comes with 13MP rear and 5MP front facing camera.
  • As Redmi note 3 comes with 16MP camera the shots taken by Redmi note3 was very better than Redmi 3S prime. Check out this link for camera samples of these two cameras Camera Samples of Redmi Note3 & Redmi 3S Prime

so In CAMERA Quality  Redmi Note3 wins.


  • Redmi 3S Primes comes with the latest budget range processor that is SnapDragon 430(1.4 Ghz), 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage with Adreno 505 GPU.
  • Redmi Note 3 comes with SnapDragon 650(1.8 Ghz), 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Storage, Adreno 510 GPU.
  • In Day to Day usage, you literally don’t notice any changes between these two devices until and unless you playing some huge games like Asphalt8, Moden Combat 5 and NOVA 3.
  • Even though Redmi 3S Prime is having 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage while gaming you will find a lot of missing details.

So In Performance Section, Obviously Redmi Note3 wins.


So coming to the conclusion both are pretty good phones but I would personally buy the Redmi Note 3 with 2GB variant instead of Redmi 3S Prime for better Performance, Better Camera, and Better Display. If I was on a tight budget and Redmi 3S Prime was sold for 8000/- I would buy the Prime instead. 

At the End of the Day once again I would definitely suggest you buy the Redmi note 3 instead Redmi 3S prime because you will get better Performance, Better Camera, and Better Display. But if you want a smaller phone then I would say go with the Redmi 3S Prime  You won’t be disappointed with the performance or in any other way. The only advantage with Redmi 3S prime is 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage.

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If you consider the extra performance that you get with Redmi Note3 the 3GB of RAM isn’t a great either. For regular people, you won’t notice a lot of difference in 2GB/3GB RAM. It is always better to have better performance than more RAM for better Gaming and software Performance.

That’s all my opinion guys. Please Do comment your point of views in these two mobiles in the comment section below.