How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 | English | Smart Strategy

How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 | ENGLISH

SSC CGL Mains, If you are reading this post means you might have cleared CGL tier1. So if you put some more efforts you can easily score good marks in mains exam as well. In this article I am giving the best strategy to score more than 150 marks in TIER 2 English Section.


Smart Way to get 150+ Score in SSC CGL TIER 2 ENGLISH Section

The English section will be going have 200 Questions each carrying one mark. There will be a deduction of 0.25 for every wrong answer. Let me divide you the whole English section into 4 parts for better approach,



The Majority of English Section will have questions related to GRAMMAR. So you need to mainly concentrate on GRAMMAR to get a very good score. The GRAMMAR Section will be of 90 Marks which is 45% of the total marks. So you need to focus much on GRAMMAR. The GRAMMAR part will consist of the following sections,

  1. Spotting Errors – 20 Questions
  2. Sentence Completion/Improvement –  25 Questions
  3. Active / Passive Voice – 20 Questions
  4. Direct / Indirect Speech – 25 Questions

Voices(Active & Passive) and Speeches(Direct & Indirect) were the easiest part in GRAMMAR Section. If you learn all rules of Voices and Speeches and if you practice many numbers of questions you can easily score 45 out of 45 marks even if you are not good in GRAMMAR. There are no specific skills required to answer these questions just practice is good enough. Coming to Spotting Errors and Sentence Improvement only you need to do is Practising Mock tests and following some books. I will provide you the best books that will help you in the Tier 2 GRAMMAR Section.

  1. From Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh
  2. A Mirror of Common Errors by Ashok Kumar

An average student can get around 30 out of 45 marks in these two sections. So coming to our strategy,

45 marks in Voices&Speeches + 30 marks in Spotting Errors&Sentence Imp = 75 marks in GRAMMAR


The VOCABULARY Section will be of 30 Marks which will mainly consist of,

  1. Synonyms & Antonyms – 6 to 8 Questions
  2. One Word Substitutions – 10 to 12 Questions
  3. Spelling Check – 3 to 5 Questions
  4. Proverbs – 10 Questions

In VOCABULARY the only thing we need to do is learning WORDS. I will provide you links to two best books to follow for VOCABULARY Section. 

  1. BARRON’S 3500 Basic Word List

  2. 1100 – words – you – need -to-know

Start Reading THE HINDU newspaper and learn at least 10 new words per day. Get Mnemonics dictionary app from google play store and learn those new words from the dictionary for better understanding as this dictionary will give you the clear meaning of the words and some example sentences by using that word.

So if you follow all these tips you will get 25 out of 30 Marks in VOCABULARY

     25 marks in VOCABULARY


The Reading Comprehension Section will be of 30 Marks. There will be 6 PASSAGES each consists of 5 marks. There is no Specific Strategy or Formula for this Section, The only thing you need to focus here is Reading HINDU paper and practising Mock Comprehensions. Make Reading as a habit definitely, you will score 25 marks out of 30.



Miscellaneous Section will be of 50 Marks which will consist of only two Sections,

  1. Cloze Test – 25 Questions
  2. Para Jumbles – 25 Questions

Practice as many Mock tests as you can. The main books for Practice Mock papers are TIER 2 Mock Papers by  Paramount Publications.

A Normal student can get 30 out of 50 Marks in this Section.


So a normal student who follows this Strategy will get around 155 Marks in SSC CGL TIER 2 ENGLISH Section.  If you are keen on getting a job in Staff Selection Commission prepare well and follow this Strategy, you will get 10 or 20 more marks in this section.

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